What careers are closely related to computer hardware?

Based on the information provided in the context section, there are several careers closely related to computer hardware. Here are some of them:

  1. Computer Technician: Computer technicians are responsible for troubleshooting computer hardware and software-related problems, assembling and upgrading computers and their components, and ensuring that all computer-related accessories are in good working condition. They also assist hardware engineers in designing and creating computer components.
  2. Network Administrator: Network administrators specialize in setting up computer networks, maintaining and enforcing security measures, monitoring network resources, and troubleshooting network-related problems.
  3. Computer Sales Representative: Computer sales representatives should have good knowledge of information and communication technology. They analyze customer needs and provide advice on suitable computer hardware and software solutions. They need to be confident, persuasive, and proficient in business communication.
  4. Computer Engineer: Computer engineers are involved in the design and development of computer components such as storage devices and motherboards. They need to have a strong background in electronic engineering to ensure efficient and effective hardware design.

These careers require different levels of expertise and skills in computer hardware. Computer technicians focus on troubleshooting and maintenance, while network administrators deal with network setup and security. Computer sales representatives need to be knowledgeable about various hardware components, and computer engineers play a crucial role in designing and developing computer hardware.

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