KCSE 2013 MARKING SCHEMES: Computer Studies Paper 1 (451/1)

The document provided is the answer key for the Computer Studies Paper 1 exam of the KCSE 2013. It contains the solutions and explanations for each question in the exam.

The document starts with the identification of the subject and paper number, followed by a series of questions and their respective answers. Each question is numbered and accompanied by a set of multiple-choice options. The correct answer is highlighted, and explanations are provided for some questions.

The questions cover various topics in computer studies, including computer networking, email communication, database management, social impact of ICTs, and programming concepts. The answers provide detailed explanations and examples to help students understand the concepts better.

The document also includes marks allocation for each question, indicating the weightage of each question in the exam. This information is helpful for students to prioritize their preparation and understand the importance of each topic.

Overall, the document serves as a valuable resource for students preparing for the Computer Studies Paper 1 exam. It provides comprehensive answers and explanations, allowing students to assess their knowledge and improve their understanding of the subject.

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