Environmental factors influence crop production:

Environmental factors influence crop production:

(i) temperature;  (4 marks)

  1. Affect quality of certain crops eg pineapples, pyrethrum.
  2. Influence the rate of physiological processes in a crop, hence faster growth rate
  3. Cause increase in incidences of diseases.
  4. Low temperatures cause frost injury
  5. High temperatures increase rate of evatranspiration hence wilting
  6. Influence distribution of crops

(ii) wind.  (5 marks)

  1. Strong winds increase the rate of evaporation/evapotranspiration/wilting
  2. Influences amount of rainfall in the given area
  3. Help in pollination of crops
  4. Strong winds have a cooling effect which influences rate of physiological processes.
  5. Strong winds may cause soil erosion
  6. Strong winds may cause lodging/destruction of certain crop structures
  7. Winds can spread diseases/pests/weeds.
  8. Winds help in seed dispersal
  9. Winds is fed in crop cleaning/winnowing of grains   


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