The following account of information is from Mr. Ongoros farm for the year ended 31/12/2012.

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(i) Using the information above, prepare a profit and loss account for Mr. Ongoro’s farm. (4mks)
(ii) From the calculation in (i) above, state whether Mr. Ongoro made a profit or loss. (1mk)


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Marks allocation

       Correct columns – Income – 1/2mk

                          – Expenditure 1/2mk

       Correct title – 1/2mk

       Correct entries – income inside 1/2mk.

                              Expenditure 1/2mk

       Correct totals – Both sides 1/2, 1/2, =1mk

      Correct net loss – 1/2mk

      Total (4mks)

     (ii) Net loss (1mk)

(c) (i) Altitude – 0 – 2200m a.s.l

          Temperature – 24oC

Rainfall – 600 – 1800mm

soil – Deep, fertile & well drained

Soil PH – 6.0 – 7.0                             2×1=2mks

      (ii) – Seeds are prepared by sorting, cleaning and dressing to control soil borne pests & diseases

            – Select certified seeds that have 100% germination potential         2×1=2mks

      (iii) Clear the land to remove vegetation cover

            Prepared during dry season

           Plough the land deeply to remove perennial weeds

           Harrow to obtain a medium tilth.        3 x 1/3mks

     (iv) Weed control – field should be weed free; pests & diseases control– use appropriate methods of control

            Top dressing – apply CAN @ 200kg/ha

            Thinning – Remove extra plants to reduce over crowding (3×1=3mks)


  • Ready for harvesting 4-9 months depending on the altitude & cultivar grown
  • Harvest directly by breaking the cobs from maize stalk
  • Harvest indirectly by stalking

Harvest manually by use of combine harvester

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