What are the essentials to clean milk production?

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Essentials to clean milk production?

Healthy milking herd

  • Test animals (annual), for milk borne diseases eg brucellosis
  • Separate the sick and treat
  • carry mastitis tests using strip cup.

Clean milking cow

  • Before milking the following parts be washed thoroughly; flanks, underline and whole udder
  • Dry the udder using a clean towel
  • Long hairs on the udder and flanks be clipped regularly.

Healthy and clean milkman

  • Milkman should not conduct duties when affected by contagious disease.
  • Be physically clean.wear white overalls when handling milk
  • Fingernails be kept short and hair covered.

Clean milking shed

  • Milking shed/parlour be kept clean- free from dust or odours
  • Should be built on well drained area.
  • Construction should allow for easy cleaning.

Clean milking utensils

  • Should be washed with hot water/detergent and rinsed after milking
  • Should be sterilizing by drying in sun
  • Equipment should be seamless, smooth and joint. well filled to facilitate easy and thorough cleaning.

Milk filtration, cooling and storage.

  • After milking, milk be filtered.
  • and cooled immediately to 5oC(to slow bacteria multiplication)
  • Then be stored in a cool dry and dust free room.

Avoid flavour in milk

  • Feeds that cause flavours e.g. some silage should not be fed to livestock before or during milking
  • Protect milk from sunlight to reduce oxidation
  • Use utensils that are free from traces of copper and iron.
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