Explain the measure used to control Livestock diseases

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Measure used to control Livestock diseases


  1. Isolation of sick animals to avoid spread of disease.
  2. General farm hygiene- to destroy Pathogens
  3. Drenching/deworming to control internal parasites
  4. Treating of sick animals to prevent spread of disease
  5. Vaccination to create resistance against disease
  6. control of vectors – to avoid transmission
  7. Proper feeding to prevent nutritional disorders and impart resistance
  8. culling to prevent spread of contagious diseases
  9. Proper breeding to control breeding diseases
  10. Observe quarantine – to prevent spread of infectious diseases
  11. Proper housing to avoid predisposing factors
  12. Fencing – prevent mixing of animals that may spread diseases
  13. Slaughtering
  14. Use of prophylactic measures
  15. use of antiseptic and disinfectants
  16. slaughtering the affected animals.
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