Manyam Franchised Tests

Mathematics                     |          STD8                        |          2HRS                         |            KCPE 2011


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1.    What is 9301854 written in words?

A.   Nine million three thousand and one, eight hundred and fifty four.

B.   Ninety three and one thousand, eight hundred and fifty four.

C.   Nine million three hundred and one thousand eight hundred and fifty four.

D.   Nine hundred and thirty thousand eighteen hundred and fifty four.

  1. What is the value of

A.   2

B.   14

C.   18

D.   24

3.    What is 4.59954 written correct to three decimal places?

A.   4.599

B.   4.6

C.   4.60

D.   4.600

4.    What is the L.C.M of 30, 45 and 60?

A.   15

B.   135

C.   180

D.   540

5.    What is the place value of digit 2 in the product of the total value of digit 4 multiplied by the total value of digit 3 in the number 57438?

A.   Ones

B.   Tens

C.   Hundreds

D.   Thousands

6.    Jebet bought the following items:

3 packets of maize flour at sh 90 each

2kg of beans for sh 170

1½ kg of potatoes at sh 40 per kg

2 loaves of bread at sh 34 each

          If she had sh 800, how much money was she left with?

A.   Sh 62

B.   Sh 232

C.   Sh 466

D.   Sh 586

7.    What is the value of x in the equation

A.   14

B.   10

C.   8

D.   4


8.    The area of a square is 3844cm2. What is the length of each side of the square?

A.   1922 cm

B.   961 cm

C.   67cm

D.   62 cm

9.    Which is the correct order of writing the fractions

10. In the triangle PQR below, construct the bisector of angle PQR to cut line PR at M and the bisector o f angle QPR to cut line QR at N. the two bisectors intersect at point X. Join RX.

What is the size of angle RXM?

A.   580

B.   600

C.   650

D.   1170

11. How many fencing posts, spaced 5m apart, are required to fence a rectangular plot measuring 745m by 230m?

A.   391

B.   390

C.   195

D.   196

12. Awinja bought a pair of shoes for sh 810 after getting a discount of 10%. What was the marked price of the pair of shoes?

A.   Sh 81

B.   Sh 729

C.   Sh 891

D.   Sh 900

13. The table below shows the amount of milk delivered by a farmer to the dairy in 6 days.

What was the median sale of milk, in litres, for the 6 days?


14. Mutiso and Oluoch shared the profit of their business such that Mutiso got  of the profit. What was the ratio of Mutiso’s shareto Oluoch’s share?

A.   3 : 2

B.   5 : 3

C.   3 : 5

D.   2 : 3

15. What is the value of


A.   14

B.   6.5

C.   4.5

D.   2.75

16. Mulwa had 5 one thousand shillings notes, 7 five hundred shillings notes, 10 two hundred shilling notes and 6 one hundred shillings notes. He then changed the money into fifty shillings notes. How many notes altogether did he get?

A.   555 000

B.   11 100

C.   2220

D.   222

17. The figure below ia a map of a village drawn to the scale 1:250 000

What is the perimeter of the village in kilometres?

A.   6000

B.   600

C.   60

D.   6

18. A cylindrical container has a circumference of 176 cm and a height of 40cm. what is the volume of the container in cm3?  

(take     )

A.   394 240

B.   98 560

C.   7 040

D.   3 520


19. What is ………….: In simplified form?

20. The figure below is a sketch of a triangle XYZ in which angle ZXY = 500, angle YZX = 700 and line ZX=6cm.

Which one of the statements below leads to the correct construction of the triangle?

a)   Use a ruler to draw line ZX=6cm long and drop a perpendicular from Y to ZX. Then join Y to X and to Z.

b)   Use a ruler to draw line ZX=6cm long and a pair of compasses to construct angle ZXY=500 and YZX=700.

c)    Measure and draw the angles ZXY=500 and YZX=700 using a protractor and draw line ZX=6cm long.

d)   Use a ruler to draw line ZX=6cm long. Use a protractor to mark off and angle 700 at Z and angle of 500 at X. let the lines formed by the angles meet at Y.

21.  Each of the diagonals of a rectangular flower garden is 65m. if one side of the garden measures 25m, what is the measurement of the other side?

A.   90m

B.   60m

C.   40m

D.   20m

22. A meeting was attended by 150 people. Out of these, 0.14 were men, 0.2 were women and the rest were children. How many more children than women were there?

A.   69

B.   78

C.   99

D.   129

23. The triangle PQR shown below has been drawn accurately.

What is the size of angle QPR?

A.   950

B.   850

C.   500

D.   450

24. Mwaruwa is paid sh 3750 after working for 25 days. How much money would he be paid if he does not work for 4 days?

A.   Sh 600

B.   Sh 4 464

C.   Sh 4 350

D.   Sh 3 150

25. A family uses 5 decilitres of milk each day. How many litres of milk altogether would the family use in the months of June and July?

A.   305

B.   30.5

C.   30.0

D.   3.05

26. In the triangle ABC below, construct a perpendilular from A to meet line BC at N.


Which one of the following statements is correct?

A.   Line AN bisects line BC

B.   Angle BAN is equal to angle CAN

C.   Angle ANB is equal to angle ANC

D.   Line AB is equal to line BN

27.  The graph below shows the journey made by a social worker on a certain day.


Between which two places was his speed the highest?

A.   Home and school

B.   School and health centre

C.   Health centre and the market

D.   Market and home

  1. What is the value of        

Where p=3, q-p=4 and

29. What is the surface area of a cylindrical rod of height 17cm and diameter 14cm?

(Take     )

30. What is the value of 

31. Halima bought 50 bananas @ sh3 each. She spent sh 75 for transportation. During transportation 5 bananas got spoilt but she sold the rest making a 20% profit. For how much did she sell each banana?

A.   Sh 4.00

B.   Sh 5.40

C.   Sh 5.60

D.   Sh 6.00

32. Two sides of a parallelogram EFGH have been drawn below. Complete the parallelogram EFGH. Draw diagonals EG and FH to intersect at J.

What is the length of line FJ?

A.   2.7cm

B.   3.5cm

C.   4.4cm

D.   6.5cm

33. Mutuma left Mombasa on Tuesday at 6.30 p.m. and took 8 hours 45 minutes to reach his home. On what day and at what time in a 24 hour system did he reach home?

A.   Wednesday 0315h

B.   Wednesday 1515h

C.   Tuesday 1515h

D.   Tuesday 0315h

34. The pie chart below represents the population of 1800 animals in a farm.

How many more chickens than goats are there in the farm?

A.   300

B.   900

C.   1200

D.   180

35. A car travelled 216km at an average speed of 48km/h. on the return journey the average speed increased to 72km/h. calculate the average speed, in km/h, for the whole journey?

A.   57.6

B.   60

C.   28.8

D.   68.6

36. Which one of the statements below is a property of a right angled triangle?

A.   All sides are equal

B.   Adjacent angles are supplementary

C.   Two of its sides are perpendicular

D.   The longest side of the triangle is opposite the smallest angle

37. A mathematics text book has 97 sheets of paper and a cover. Each sheet of paper has a mass of 4 grams and the cover has a mass of 20g. find the mass of the book in kilograms.

A.   0.408

B.   4.08

C.   40.8

D.   408

38. The diagram below is a trapezium MNPQ. Line MQ is parallel to line NP. The length of line MQ=8cm and that of line NR=7cm. the perpendicular line MR=12cm.


If the area of the trapezium is 198cm2, what is the length of RP?

A.   15cm

B.   18cm

C.   25cm

D.   32cm

39. Ali is now two years older than Martha. If Martha’s age is represented by x, what will be their total ages after 10 years?

A.   2 x + 22

B.   3 x + 20

C.   x + 22

D.   2 x + 18

40. A football match was attended by 42 000 men. The number of women who attended was 27 000 less than the number of men and 12 000 more than the number of children. The entrance fee for adults was sh 100 and for children was sh 50. How much money was collected altogether?

A.   Sh 11 700 000

B.   Sh  5 500 000

C.   Sh  7 050 000

D.   Sh  5 850 000

41. In the figure below EFG is a straight line. Lines GH and FH are equal and lines HI and FI are also equal. Angle GHF is a right angle and angle HIF is 320. What is the size of angle EFI?

A.   450

B.   610

C.   740

D.   1030

42. The table below shows part of Tariff for Ordinary Money Order and Postapay.

Karimi has two children in one school. To pay for their school fees he sent sh 8 900 by ordinary Money Order and sh 15 400 by Postapay. How much money would he have saved had he bought one Ordinary Money Order to pay for all the fees?

A.   Sh 125

B.   Sh 400

C.   Sh 525

D.   Sh 925

43. Nina is paid a basic salary of sh 8 000 as a sales agent. In addition she is paid a 5% commission for goods sold above sh 15 000. In one month she earned sh 12 000 altogether. What was the total sales?

A.   Sh 255 000

B.   Sh  95 000

C.   Sh  80 000

D.   Sh  65 000

44. What is the next number in the pattern 4, 9, 25, 49, 121, 169, ….?

A.   289

B.   256

C.   225

D.   196

45. The marked price of a motorcycle was sh 30 000 but a discount of 5% was allowed for cash payment. Taabu bought the motorcycle on hire purchase terms by paying a deposit of sh 8 500 followed by ten equal monthly instalments of sh 2400 each. How much money would taabu have saved had she bought it for cash?

A.   Sh 4 000

B.   Sh 2 500

C.   Sh 1 500

D.   Sh 28 500

46.  Figure ABCDE below represents a vegetable garden in which AE=12cm, AB=36m and CD=24cm. Angle DEA is a right angle. The distance from A to D is 15m. A perpendicular distance from C to AB is 10m.


What is the area of the garden?

A.   474m2

B.   390m2

C.   354m2

D.   300m2

47. A tailor made 48 pieces of uniform. Half of the number of the uniforms was each made using 1  metres of material. A quarter of the remainder was each made using 1 metres of materials and the rest was each made using 1  metres of material. The tailor also fixed a logo made using  metres of material on each uniform. How many metres of material did the tailor use?

48. The table below shows the train fares for Nairobi- Mombasa route.

The following passengers travelled in the train:

23 pupils of age 12 years and above

12 pupils aged between 7 and 10 years

2 children below 3 years

3 parents

5 teachers

1 head teacher

          The passengers occupied the following classes in the train:

                    1st class:headteacher,  1 parent

                    2nd class: 5 teachers, 2 parents and all pupils and children

          How much money did they pay for the journey to Mombasa?

A.   Sh 119 560

B.   Sh 151 300

C.   Sh 156 100

D.   Sh 164 080


49. A man deposited sh 50 000 in a bank for 2 years. The bank paid compound inerest at the rate of 10% per annum. How much money was in his account at the end of the two years?

A.   Sh 10 500

B.   Sh 55 500

C.   Sh 60 000

D.   Sh 60 500

50. The figure below represents a pattern

Which one of the following is the next shape in the pattern above?







































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