Manyam Franchised Tests

ENGLISH   |   KCPE   |   2008


NAME…………..……………..…………. SCHOOL…………….…………………DATE……………… TIME: 2 hours

Read the passage below. It contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 15. For each blank space, choose the best alternative from the choices given

            Police officers raided a home on___1___ outskirts of town yesterday and seized an assortment of electronic goods. The men___2___ the police found during the early evening raid were arrested and ___3___ in police cells. ___4___ suspects are being sought.

            The police spokesperson told the press that the goods___5___suspected to have been ___6___from a neighbouring country. Investigations have___7___started in order to establish the nationalities of the suspects as they have no identification ___8___.

            It is not clear ___9___the goods were destined for another country or were to be sold locally. On the local___10___the goods are estimated ___11__ten million shillings. The head of the area criminal investigation unit said that the suspects would soon be___12___in a court of law but declined to give further details.

            The police ___13___ the home following a tip off from ___14___caller who had been suspicious of the people living in the home. He told the police that the men stayed indoors ___15___ daytime and only went out late in the night.

            A                                 B                                  C                                  D

1.      Those                          some                            these                             the

2.      Who’s                         which                           whom                           whose

3.      Locked up                    locked in                       locked away                  locked out

4.      More                           few                               many                            some

5.      Are being                     were being                    were                             are

6.      Brought                       smuggled                      imported                       bought

7.      Recently                      immediately                  already                         soon

8.      Forms                          documents                    sheets                           letters

9.      Weather                       whether                        wether                          wither

10.   Market                         scene                            town                             centre

11.   For                              about                            to                                 at

12.   Sentenced                    sued                             charged                         judged

13.   Inspected                     stormed                        invaded                         visited

14.   A loyal                                    an unknown                  a strange                       an unseen

15.   During                         at                                 over                              in

For questions 16 to 18 choose the alternative that best completes the statement given

16.   The Mutukus are so kind

A.    Because they always help people

B.     As they always help people

C.     That they always help people

D.    Since they always help people

17.   Have they been forbidden

A.    To go to town?

B.     From going to town?

C.     Not to go to town?

D.    Against going to town?

18.   Would you have done that job if you

A.     Had been paid well?

B.     Were paid well?

C.     Could have been pain well?

D.    Would be paid well?

For questions 19 to 21, choose the word that means the same as the underlined words

19.   Most fresh flowers have a delightful fragrance

A.    Aroma

B.     Scent

C.     Smell

D.    Adour

20.   Children should not wander in the streets

A.    Walk

B.     Stoll

C.     Loiter

D.    Roam

21.   She deserved that reward

A.    Got

B.     Won

C.     Earned

D.    Gained

For questions 22 and 23, choose the alternative that best completes the sentences

22.   Since Rehema could not get a matatu, she travelled home_____ a bus

A.    By

B.     On

C.     In

D.    With

23.   When do you expect to ___ in mombasa?

A.    Get

B.     Go

C.     Reach

D.    Arrive

For questions 24 and 25, choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated

24.   A. “That is a very hardworking pupil,” the teacher said.

B.  “That is a very hardworking pupil”, the teacher said.

C.  “That is a very hardworking pupil, “the teacher said.

D.  “That is a very hardworking pupil, the teacher said.”

25.   A.  what long hair you have!

B.  He went home early, Didn’t he?

C.  our science teacher sent us to look for grasshoppers flowers frogs and green leaves.

D.  Its good to always drink clean water.

Read the passage below and then answer questions 26 to 38

           Murimi drove slowly down the Government road eager to attend the celebration. Everyone in the car was quiet, thinking about the people who had sacrificed their lives so that Harry Thuku, the freedom fighter could be set free. Little Naiku was fascinated by Nyanjiru, the woman who had led men, women and children in fighting for freedom, so long ago.

           “Papa,” she called her father, “when we gain independence tonight and the white men are gone, who shall lead us then?”

           “Ah, a good question, my child,” Murimi replied, “we shall have our own government. A government of Kenyans and by Kenyans. We shall elect out own leaders.”

           Naiku asked again, “Will ‘mamas’ lead us too?”

“No!” Njoroge shouted. “This will be a government of black men. Our government.”

“Why men?” Naiku cried angrily.

“When did you ever hear of a black ‘mama’ leading men?” Njoroge asked.

“Mama Nyanjiru was a leader of men,” Naiku protested.

“You are right, Naiku,” said grandpa.

“Even in the forest where we fought the white man, women fought just as bravely. General Muthoni was one of the bravest warriors I ever met – braver than most men I know. Only a fool or a coward says that a woman cannot lead. Of course, they can and will lead.”

           At that moment, a car with a white driver overtook them and Njoroge shouted, “Settler, settler go home!” Murimi was furious.

           “Njoroge!” he said, “how dare you misbehave like that? You will have to answer for it when we get home!”

           “Does independence day make you lose your manners? That man is a grown up, older that even your father,” added grandpa.

           “We did not fight the white men for our independence so that our children can behave like them. You were never brought up to abuse people,” Murimi said angrily. Njoroge was quiet for a long time. He thought long and hard about his grandpa’s words. He was sorry for the way he had acted.

(Adapetd from A big struggle by A. Amran and D. Mulwa. Oxford University Press)

26.   What celebrations are the people in the car going to attend?

A.    The release of Harry Thuku

B.     The end of the war

C.     The independence celebrations

D.    The victory over the white men

27.   How many people are traveling in the car?

A.    Three

B.     Four

C.     Five

D.    Six

28.   The word ‘fascinated’ as used in the passage means

A.    Surprised

B.     Excited

C.     Amazed

D.    Amused

29.   In the passage, it is stated that

A.    Women are not as brave as men

B.     Some women are braver than some men

C.     Women are as brave as some men

D.    Women are braver than men

30.   Choose the alterative that best describes the character of Naiku

A.    Inquisitive, respectful, and kind

B.     Inquisitive, cheerful and intelligent

C.     Respectfu, observant and intelligent

D.    Inquisitive, respectful and intelligent

31.   The sentence ‘only a fool or a coward says that a woman cannot lead’ implies

A.    Women can lead

B.     Women should lead

C.     Women cannot lead

D.    Women shouldn’t lead

32.   What in the passage shows that grandpa supports women leadership?

A.    He tells Naiku the story of Nyanjiru

B.     He praises General Muthoni

C.     He fought alongside women in the forest

D.    He says women have the ability to lead

33.   Which of the following can best replace the word furious?

A.    Uspet

B.     Enraged

C.     Annoyed

D.    Irritated

34.   It is correct to say that Murimi is

A.    Inconsiderate

B.     Strict

C.     Unkind

D.    Authoritative

35.   What did independence mean to Njoroge?

A.    People should do whatever they wanted

B.     All white men should go back to their country

C.     Africans should behave like white men

D.    White men did not deserve respect any more

36.   Which of the following is true about the settlers according to the passage?

A.    They abused Africans

B.     They beat up Africans

C.     They forced Africans to work

D.    They improsined Africans

37.   From the last paragraph what is the effect of grandpa’s words on Njoroge?

A.    He is annoyed

B.     He is thoughtful

C.     He is quiet

D.    He is remorseful

38.   Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?

A.    Women in the struggle for independence

B.     Naiku and her family

C.     Njoroge and the white man

D.    Celebrating independence

Read the passage below and the answer questions 39 to 50

     Many people all over the world still smoke although it is common knowledge that smoking is dangerous to health. This is because the nicotine found in cigarettes has been proven to be addictive. Many young people get introduced to this habit through peer pressure, by aping their parents of the celebrities they watch on TV advertisements.

     Today, smokers give various reasons for maintaining this habit. They say cigarretes are useful stimulants and that thy give the smokers something to do with their hands. Perhaps the most important cause for the increase in smoking is that is provides shared experience among the peer group and this continues even after it becomes a settled habit. At what point it actually becomes a habit difficult to shake off, is not possible to tell.

     The aggressive campaign through advertisements and advocacy by manufacturers has made things worse. Manufacturers argue that smoking provides employment through tobacco farming, manufacturing industries and contributes directly to the economy through payment of taxes. However, the government spends three times as much for the treatment of smoking related ailments and on rehabilitation of smokers.

     The arguments against smoking are very valid. It can at times be very expensive for smokers and has no social advantage. The smoke from smokers is harmful and offensive to those around them (secondary smokers). It also interferes with teamwork since those who smoke keep excusing themselves to go and smoke. We know that tobacco stains the hands of smokers and makes the smokers have bad breath. In addition, it shortens one’s breath, making it difficult for one to participate in activities which demand a lot of energy, such as athletics. But these are minor objections when we consider the damage it can do to one’s health. There is enough evidence that smoking causes bronchitis and heart diseases, both of which can be fatal. It is therefore advisable for the young people to distance themselves from this habit if they want to live a healthy life.

39.   Why do people continue smoking even when they know it is dangerous?

A.    They are addicted to the nicotine

B.     They are introduced to smoking by peers

C.     They want to ape their parents

D.    They want to be like celebrities

40.   Which of the following is not a reason for smoking as given by the smkers?

A.    It is a useful stimulant

B.     It keeps the hands busy

C.     It contributes to the economy

D.    It provides a shared experience

41.   Which of the following can best replace the word ‘aggressive’

A.    Tough

B.     Strict

C.     Offensive

D.    Serious

42.   The word ‘fatal’ as used in the passage means

A.    Dangerous

B.     Bad

C.     Painful

D.    Deadly

43.   Although cigarette manufacturers contribute a lot to the economy through payment of taxes,

A.    They spend much more on advertising cigarettes

B.     They should consider the damage smoking causes

C.     The government spends much more treating smokers

D.    The government can look for other sources of money

44.   The phrase ‘smoking has no social advantage’ means it does not

A.    Give smokers any advantage in the society

B.     Make smokers popular

C.     Promote the smoker

D.    Contribute to anything positive to the society

45.   How does smoking interfere with teamwork?

A.    Smokers have bad breath

B.     Smokers have stained hands

C.     Smokers cannot concentrate

D.    Smokers are usually weak

46.   Why is it difficult for smokers to participate in activities like athletics?

A.    They have poor health

B.     Athletics is not for smokers

C.     They cannot breath properly

D.    They lack the required energy

47.   Which one of the following is true about smokers?

A.    They are a burden to the government

B.     They pay taxes to the government

C.     They are employed by the manufacturers

D.    They carry out aggressive campaigns

48.   How does the writer feel about smoking?

A.    He hates it

B.     He considers it expensive

C.     He thinks it is harmful

D.    He dislikes it

49.   The last sentence in the passage implies that young people

A.    Should stay away from smokers

B.     Will have poor health if they smoke

C.     Will die early if they smoke

D.    Will suffer from heart diseases if they smoke

50.   Which of the following best summarises the passage?

A.    Smokers do not get along with other

B.     People smoke for different reasons

C.     Smoking should be avoided at all costs

D.    Cigarette manufacturers contribute a lot to the economy



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