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SCIENCE   |   KCPE   |   2007


NAME…………..……………..…………. SCHOOL…………….…………………DATE……………… TIME: 2 hour

1.      Which one of the following is NOT CORRECTLY matched with its function?

                 Part                    function

A.    Oesophagus         passage of food

B.     Stomach             mixes food with enzymes

C.     Small intestine     complete digestion of food

D.    Large intestine    absorbs digested food

2.      Which one of the following is NOT A CORRECt statement about reproduction in human beings?

A.    Fertilization takes plae in the uterus

B.     The zygote get implanted in the wall of the  uterus

C.     The blood of the mother and foetus do not mix

D.    Menstruation stop durin pregnancy

3.      The blood vessel through which deoxygenated blood flows to the heart is the

A.    Aorta

B.     Pulmonary artery

C.     Vena cava

D.    Pulmonary vein

4.      Which one of the following changes take place during adolescence in boys only?

A.    Fast body growth

B.     Growth of pubic hair

C.     Chest and shoulders become broader

D.    Releasing of sex cells

5.      Which of the following statements is TRUE about HIV and AIDS?

A.    All HIV positive people have AIDS

B.     During the window stages a person may test negative

C.     It can be transmitted by sharing utensils

D.    It is not spread during the asymptomatic phase

6.      Which one of the following is NOT a communicable disease?

A.    Whooping cough

B.     Tetanus

C.     Tuberculosis

D.    Measles

7.      A child suffering from kwashiorkor should be given a diet rich in

A.    Carbohydrates

B.     Fats

C.     Vitamins

D.    Proteins

8.      Wearing protective clothing while walking in stagnant water can prevent one  from contracting

A.    Bilharzia

B.     Typhoid

C.     Typhoid and cholera

D.    Bilharzia and cholera

9.      Which of the following statement is CORRECT according to immunization schedule of infacts?

A.    The first dose of polio is given at 6 weeks

B.     DPT vaccine is given at birth and 10 weeks

C.     DPT and measles vaccine are given at 14 weeks

D.    Polio and BGG vaccines are given at birth

10.   Plantes appear bright because they

A.    Reflect light

B.     Produce light

C.     All twinkle

D.    Are large

11.   A pupil gave the following reasons as to why dairy cattle are given commercial feeds.

                           i.          To increase milk production

                         ii.          Given only to cattle under zero grazing

                        iii.          To supplement other feeds

                        iv.          Only when folder crops and pasture are not available.

     Which two reasons are CORRECT?

A.    (i)and(iii)

B.     (ii) and(iv)

C.     (i) and( iv)

D.    (ii) and (iii)

12.   The diagram below represent a set-up that is used to lift load.


To investigate the force required to lift the load a spring balance must be at

A.    P

B.     Q

C.     R

D.    S

13.   The following are some methods of preserving foods:

       i.          Smoking

     ii.          Drying

    iii.          Freezing

    iv.          Salting

      v.          Canning

Which method are traditional?

A.    (ii), (iv) and (v)

B.     (ii), (iii) and (v)

C.     (i),  (iii) and (iv)

D.    (i), (ii) and (iv)

14.   Which one of the following pairs of machines belongs to the same group as a ladder?

A.    Claw hammer and bottle opener

B.     Spade and fishing rod

C.     Staircase and road winding uphill

D.    Handcart and wheelbarrow

15.   The reason why an ordinary jiko without a clay lining is not recommended for use is because

A.    It pollutes the environment

B.     Of the large amounts of charcoal used

C.     It takes a long time when cooking

D.    It gets too hot to hold

16.   The following are liquids added together in glass bottles labelled P,Q,R and S by some pupils.

P- kerosene and cooking oil

Q- water and cooking oil

R-milk and water

S- milk and kerosene

 Which glass bottle contains liquids that cannot be separed by decanting?

A.    P

B.     Q

C.     R

D.    S

17.   Which one of the folowing plants is green and non-flowering?

A.    Mould

B.     Onion

C.     Sisal

D.    Moss

18.   Which one of the following consists of a pair of storage pests?

A.    Rats and aphids

B.     White ants and rats

C.     Aphids and cutworms

D.    White ants and cutworms

19.   Which one of the following is a possible food chain that could be found in a grassland inhabited by hawks, frogs, snakes, mice and grasshoppers?

A.    Grass—– grasshopper ——frogs—– snakes

B.     Grass —–grasshoper—–frogs——mice

C.     Grass—–snakes—-mice—-hawks

D.    Grass—— grasshopper —–hawks—snakes

20.   Which one of the following is TRUE for both chickens and frogs? Both

A.    Have a constant body temparature

B.     Have scales

C.     Breath by lungs

D.    Feed on insects only

21.   Which one of the following is NOT a rotational method of grazing?

A.    Paddocking

B.     Herding

C.     Tethering

D.    Strip

22.   Birds whiich feed on nectar have

A.    Short pointed beaks

B.     Strong curved beaks

C.     Long slender pointed beaks

D.    Long slender curved beaks

23.   In which one of the following practices is water re-used?

A.    Using dirty water from the kitchen for watering plants

B.     Collecting rainwater from the roof for domestic uses

C.     Getting clean water from dirty water by boiling and cooling the steam

D.    Storing water in dams to be used in irrigation

24.   The texture of a soil type depends on the

A.    Amount of water in the soil

B.     Organic matter in the soil

C.     Amount of mineral particles in the soil

D.    Size of soil particles

25.   The component that makes up 0.97% of air is used in

A.    Rusting

B.     Preservatiuon of soft drinks

C.     Electic bulb

D.    Making proteins

26.   Which one of the following pairs of processes ia as a result of increase in temperature?

A.    Melting and evaporation

B.     Condensation and freezing

C.     Condensation and evaporation

D.    Melting and freezing

27.   The  diagram below show a set up that was used to demonstrate a certain property of matter.


The coloured water rises up the straw because

A.    Liquids expand when heated

B.     Liquids occupy space

C.     Air occupies space

D.    Air expands when heated

28.   A sufuria made up of steel weighing 1000g floats on water while a nail made of iron weighing 50g sinks.

This is because of difference in

A.    Type of material

B.     Shape

C.     Volume

D.    Mass

29.   Which of the following material will NOT be required in an experiment to show that pressure in a liquid increase with depth?

A.    Tin can

B.     Water

C.     Nail

D.    Collecting jar

30.   The diagram below represnts a circuit that can be used to make a temporary magnet.


The energy transformation that occurs at the section marked P is

A.    Electrical____ magnetic

B.     Chemical ____ electrical

C.     Heat _____ electricity

D.    Chemical ____ magnetic

31.   The following are forms of energy

                           i.          Heat

                         ii.          Electricity

                        iii.          Light

                        iv.          Sound

The two forms of energy that DO NOT require a medium for transmission are

A.    (ii) and (iv)

B.     (i) and (iii)

C.     (i) and (ii)

D.    (iii) and (iv)

32.   The following practices help to conserve energy:

                           i.          Using improved firewood jikos

                         ii.          Switching off light that use hydro-electric power when not needed

                        iii.          Using public transport whenever possible

                        iv.          Using biogas for cooking

Which Two practice conserve non- renewable source of energy?

A.    (i) and (ii)

B.     (ii) and (iii)

C.     (ii) and (iv)

D.    (iii) and (iv)

33.   Which of the following is a recommended practice to avoid being struck by lighting?

A.     Sheltering under tree

B.     Using an umberalla when in an open field

C.     Sheltering while leaning on a wall

D.    Wearing rubber shoes with thick soles

34.   Which one of the following group consists of only foodstuff that are used for body buiding and repair?

A.    Rice, orange, meat

B.     Wheat, fish, maize

C.     Beans, potatoes, groundnuts

D.    Eggs, peas, milk

35.   The function of fibre in the human diet is to

A.    Provide the body with nutrients

B.     Transport digested food

C.     Prevent constipation

D.    Help in digestion of food

36.   Which one of following statements is NOT TRUE about the force that opposes movement the force

A.    Can be reduced be streamlinig

B.     Makes the load heavier

C.     Increase effort required to move the load

D.    Produce heat

37.   A farmer noticed small and shallow channels forming in the soil in the garden due  to running water. This type of soil erosion is called

A.    Splash

B.     Rill

C.     Sheet

D.    Gulley

38.   Which one of the following plants is a cereal?

A.    Millet

B.     Coffee

C.     Sunflower

D.    Peas

39.   Which one of the following consists of a pair plants tha CANNOT make their own food?

A.    Fern and pine

B.     Toadstool and moss

C.     Puffball and mould

D.    Cedar and yeast

40.   Which one of the following pairs of parasites can be controlled by spraying?

A.    Ticks and fleas

B.     Liver flukes and tsetse flies

C.     Fleas and liver flukes

D.    Ticks and tapeworms

41.   Which one of the following sources of electricity pollutes the environment?

A.    Geothermal

B.     Wind-driven generators

C.     Hydro-electric generators

D.    Petrol-driven generators

42.   Which one of the following is a natural way of lighting a house ?  using a

A.    Candle

B.     Torch

C.     Hurricane lamp

D.    Transparent roof

43.   Which one of the following components is found in all environments?

A.    Plants

B.     Soil

C.     Air

D.    Water

44.   Which one of the following groups of methods can be used to separate solid mixtures only?

A.    Sieving, picking, winnowing

B.     Picking, use of magnet, decanting

C.     Winnowing, sieving, filtration

D.    Use of magnet, filtration

E.     Use of magnet, filtration, decanting

45.   Which one of the following DOES NOT function the same way as a bicycle dynamo when used to produce electricity?

A.    Hydro-electric generator

B.     Car battery

C.     Diesel generator

D.    Wind driven turbines

46.   The diagram below represent a simple machine.


Which of the position labelled P,Q and R would represent the load, effort and function when the machine is in use?

         Load      effort        fulcrum

A.    P              Q               R

B.     R            P                 Q

C.     Q             P               R

D.    R             Q          P

47.   The diagram below represents a block of wood being pushed along pushed a surface towards point X

Which one of the arrows represents the direction of the force of friction?

A.    J

B.     K

C.     L

D.    M

48.   Which one of the following consists of only material that are ALL non-magnetic?

A.    Aluminimim foil, a shilling coin

B.     Iron nails, staple pins

C.     Metal scissors, steel wool

D.    Piece of glass, sewing needle

49.   The reason why coloured water is used in the construction of a liquid thermometer is to

A.    Make it visible

B.     Make it expand faster

C.     Make it absorb more heat

D.    Increase its density

50.   Which one of the following is the largest plant?

A.    Mercury

B.     Saturn

C.     Jupiter

D.    Earth


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