Describe the code of conduct to be observed by a divorcee during iddah

Learn about the specific requirements and conditions a divorcee must follow during the iddah period in Islam.

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Code of Conduct for a Divorcee During Iddah

During the period of iddah, a divorcee is expected to observe a specific code of conduct. This code of conduct includes several conditions and requirements that the divorcee must adhere to. Here are some of the key elements:

  1. Refrain from getting married: The divorcee should not enter into a new marriage or engage in any discussions or accept proposals for marriage during the iddah period.
  2. Abstain from beautifying oneself: It is expected that the divorcee avoids wearing makeup, using perfumes, or wearing attractive clothes during iddah. This is to show modesty and respect for the termination of the previous marriage.
  3. Stay in husband’s house: Unless there is a necessity or business that requires her to leave, the divorcee should remain in the house of her former husband during the iddah period. This is to maintain the sanctity of the marriage and provide an opportunity for reconciliation.
  4. Maintain a period of waiting: The iddah period is a prescribed time of waiting before the divorcee can remarry. It serves various purposes, such as determining if the divorcee is pregnant from the previous husband and allowing for the possibility of reconciliation.

These requirements aim to ensure that the divorcee observes a period of reflection, self-assessment, and adjustment after the termination of her previous marriage. It provides an opportunity for emotional healing, spiritual growth, and preparation for the next phase of life.

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