Similarities between the announcement of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus

  • Gabriel delivered both messages
  • Mary and Zachariah were afraid
  • Both questioned the possibility of the message
  • Zachariah and Mary were righteous Jews
  • The mothers had never had children before
  • Angel gave the names of the children to be born
  • Mary and Zachariah were given sign to confirm the message
  • The angel specified the children mission or roles in life
  • Both children were conceived through God’s intervention           

main ideas in Mary’s song the ‘Magnificat

  • Mary is thankful to God for being good to her
  • She is grateful for God’s love for all human race
  • She praised God because he fulfills his promises to people
  • The poor, the humble and the least are exalted/uplifted by God
  • God provides for the needs of his people
  • God denies those who are proud
  • God is ready to save mankind from sins from restore the covenant relationship with man
  • The kingdom of God belongs to the poor who will be great
  • The rich will be humbled
  • God is Holy and mighty
  • God shows mercy to the needy

How Christians preparing for the second coming of Jesus?

  • Repenting their sins
  • Getting baptized after repentance
  • Preaching/spreading the gospel
  • Helping the needy/doing charitable work
  • Condemning social evil
  • Reading the scripture and meditating upon it
  • Seeking and doing God’s will
  • Praying and fasting

why Jesus was rejected at Nazareth.

  • They thought he was simply the son of Joseph the carpenter whom they knew
  • Jesus told them that the prophecy of Isaiah had been fulfilled in him and that he is the Messiah
  • They wanted him to prove his messiah ship by performing miracles which he did not
  • He told them that their forefathers rejected God’s prophets by persecuting them
  • He told them how God favoured even the Gentiles and not Jews alone
  • He told them that a prophet is not welcomed in his home town
  • He told them that the good news they rejected would be made available to the Gentiles
  • Jesus did not come as a messiah the way the Jews expected

miraculous catch of fish according to Luke 5:1-11

  • Jesus was standing by Lake Gennesaret where the people pressed upon him to hear the word
  • He saw two boats close to the shore and got into one of them-it was Simon’s
  • He asked Simon to push it a little into the lake
  • He taught the people from the boat
  • After teaching the people, he asked Simon to go and cast his net into the sea for a catch
  • Simon was reluctant, for a whole night they had been fishing but caught nothing
  • Simon agreed to do so, the catch was so huge that the net started to tear
  • They beckoned other fishermen to help 
  • Simon fell at the feet of Jesus urging him to go away from him for he was a sinner
  • Jesus told Simon not be afraid from that day he would catch men
  • The other companies of Simon were John and James son’s Zebedee
  • They left everything and followed Jesus    

Obstacles Christian leaders face in their ministry.

  • Political interference
  • Corruption
  • Faction in Church/tribalism/Nepotism
  • Death of some members of the congregation
  • Sickness
  • Leadership wrangles
  • Financial constrains
  • Sexism
  • Emergence of charismatie movement
  • Science and technology
  • Misuse of the gift of the Holy Spirit
  • misuse of drugs
  • Generation gap
  • Doctrinal differences
  • Devil worship/magic
  • Conflict of roles
  • Permissiveness
  • Language barrier

Triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

  • When approached Jerusalem passing through Belt page and Bethany at the Mt. Olives
  • He sent two of his disciples to a village to get him a colt on which nobody has sat on.
  • If the owner demanded why they were untying it, they were to answer-the Lord has need of it.
  • When they got there, they found it as Jesus has said
  • They untied the colt and the owner asked why they were doing so, they said the Lord needs it 
  • they brought it Jesus and threw their garments on the colt
  • Jesus sat upon it
  • Garments were set on the path of Jesus
  • The disciples began to rejoice and praised God with a loud voice saying “Blessed is the King who        comes in the name of the Lord, peace in heaven and glory in the highest”
  • Pharisees asked Jesus to rebuke his disciples for making noise
  • Jesus told them that if they remained quite stone would praise

Predictions Jesus made about end times

  • There would be fearful signs that would signal end times
  • The son of man (Jesus) will appear with great power and glory
  • The end would come unexpected when people are going about their duties
  • Nations will fight against each other
  • There would be a lot of rumour of war
  • There would be great earthquake, famines and plagues in various places
  • People will faint from terror
  • The temple will be totally destroyed
  • Many false prophets would appear in his name
  • Great signs from heaven would appear
  • Disciples would be persecuted, arrested and imprisoned

Why Christians should be watchful towards end times

  • -Jesus will come unexpectedly
  • Being watchful involves endurance
  • Christians are the stewards of the Kingdom
  • They should be watchful because of the coming judgment
  • Jesus is their Lord and they should be committed to him
  • To help them recognize the signs of the end to know the presence of God among them
  • In order to provide service to others          

Peter’s teachings about Jesus on Pentecost day

  • Jesus was from Nazareth
  • Jesus had human nature
  • Jesus had divine nature/son of God
  • Jesus was arrested by God to work miracles
  • Jesus death/crucifixion was according to God’s plans
  • Jesus conquered death/has victory over death
  • The death and resurrection of Jesus fulfills the prophecy of David. 
  • Jesus is a descendant of David
  • Jesus is both Lord and Christ/

Qualities of love according to Paul 1corr. 13/4-8

  • Love is patient
  • Love is kind
  • Love is not boastful/jealous
  • Love is not arrogant/selfish/rude
  • Love does not keep a record of wrong/rejoice in wrongs
  • Love does not insist on its own way
  • Love believes all things, hopes all things and endures all things
  • Love is external/ everlasting/ never fails

Factors threatening Christian unity

  • Strong traditional African beliefs and practices
  • Presence of Mary denominations/ splinter groups
  • Differences in the interpretation of the scriptures
  • Tribalism
  • Effects of science and Technology on issues such as abortion, drug abuses etc.
  • Political activities in the country
  • Generation gap
  • Influence from Western culture
  • Struggle for leadership in the Church
  • Gender discrimination
  • Increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

Factors contributing to abuse of human sexuality

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug abuse
  • Poor upbringing or parenting
  • Mass media/pornography
  • Surfing the internet
  • Poor role models
  • Sexual myths
  • Lack of Christian faith
  • Urbanization i.e rental houses shared by youths
  • Poverty
  • Science and Technology
  • Permissiveness
  • Rise of cultic movements   

 Christian teachings about marriage

  • It is practiced by two Christians of opposite sex
  • It was instituted by God as so divine
  • Those entering Christian marriage become one flesh
  • It is aimed at procreation to fulfill the divine command
  • It is for mutual help and partnership between husband and wife
  • It safeguards sexual temptation
  • Monogamous marriage is encouraged
  • It does not allow divorce/permanent band
  • Divorce allowed under special conditions e.g unfaithfulness
  • Marriage is a symbol of Christ union with the Church
  • The husband is the head of marriage
  • It s based on love for each other
  • There should be responsible sharing of duties/responsibilities
  • The wives must respect/obey/submit to husband
  • The husband must love the wife 

Why some young men choose to remain unmarried

  • They have experienced incidents of broken marriages/unfaithfulness in marriage
  • In order to pursue their career /education
  • They are not ready to take responsibility in marriage
  • Poverty/lack of jobs/economic strains
  • Permissiveness allows many to satisfy their sexual lust without marriage
  • Failure to get ideal partner in marriage
  • Marriage is no longer a command duty
  • Religious commitment
  • Low self esteem/lack of confidence/fear

How Science and Technology enhance Evangelism

  • Use of electronic media e.g TV, Radio to preach
  • Use of public address system in crusades
  • A modern means of transport and communication e.g automatically for easy transportation
  • Keyboard/ Electronic guitars for music
  • Computers/printing machines used for evangelism
  • Technology/architecture use in building Churches
  • Use of technology devices for treatment in Hospitals to facilitate the healing ministry
  • Scientific research enabled effective methods of preaching

Why the Church is opposed to Genetic Engineering

  • -It interfere with God’s plan of creation
  • It undermines human dignity as human beings are used as guinea pig
  • It is an abuse of the responsibility God gave to human beings
  • It is against God’s law on natural growth
  • Human beings take the role of God/challenges God’s power
  • It is done for selfish/individualistic gains
  • It leads to misused of resources
  • It eliminates the weak and interfere with balance of nature
  • It destroys the principle of variety
  • It can lead to production of artificial human beings who operate like machines
  • It can cause strange diseases e.g cancer – “genes”
  • Genetically modified foods have less natural value.

Ways in which human beings destroy environment

  • Deforestation/cutting down trees
  • Overstocking
  • Cultivation of steep slopes/water catchments areas
  • Charcoal burning
  • Pollution from industries e.g smoke, refuse
  • Use of explosives, atomic bombs
  • Poaching
  • Mining/quarrying
  • Dumping of under gradable waste on the ground and in water
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