The Belief of Muslims in Yaumul Qiyama: Shaping Worldview and Actions

Explore the belief of Muslims in Yaumul Qiyama and how it influences their worldview and actions. Learn about the significance of justice, accountability, and the Day of Resurrection in Islam.

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Muslims` belief about Yaumul Qiyama

Muslims have a strong belief in Yaumul Qiyama, which is the Day of Resurrection in Islam. It is considered one of the fundamental beliefs in Islam and is the fifth pillar of Iman (faith). Yaumul Qiyama is the day when all living creatures will be brought to account for their actions in this world. Muslims believe that this day is known only to Allah (SWT) and that it will be a day of ultimate justice and accountability.

Muslims` belief about Yaumul Qiyama

  • All lives will be destroyed
  • The knowledge of the last hour is only with Allah
  • Only Allah will exist on that day
  • Angel Israfeel will be ordered to blow the trumpet
  • All the dead will be brought back to life
  • People will assemble before Allah
  • People will be in a confused state
  • People will be given books showing their deeds
  • All people will face final judgement either to go to paradise or hell

In conclusion, the belief in Yaumul Qiyama is an essential aspect of Islamic faith. Muslims firmly believe in the Day of Resurrection, where every individual will be held accountable for their actions. This belief serves as a reminder of the ultimate justice of Allah (SWT) and motivates Muslims to lead righteous lives, knowing that their actions in this world will have consequences in the hereafter. It instills a sense of responsibility, accountability, and hope for believers, as they strive to earn Allah’s mercy and paradise through their deeds. The belief in Yaumul Qiyama shapes the worldview and actions of Muslims, encouraging them to live in accordance with Islamic teachings and values.

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