Advance Instructions for the Conduct of the 2024 KCSE Examination Projects and Practicals for Group IV and V Subjects

Advance Instructions for the Conduct of the 2024 KCSE Examination Projects and Practicals for Group IV and V Subjects

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has released the advance instructions for the administration of the 2024 KCSE examination projects and practicals for Group IV and V subjects. The projects include Art & Design, Agriculture, Woodwork, Metalwork, Building Construction, and Computer Studies. The practical papers consist of French, German, Arabic, Kenyan Sign Language, and Music.

To guide the conduct of the projects and practicals, the KNEC has provided the following instructions:

  1. The 2024 KCSE Examination Projects:
    1.1. All projects and their related advance instructions have been posted on the KNEC KCSE projects portal. Schools can access them according to the scheduled timetable through the KNEC website
    1.2. Principals and/or County Directors of Education (for private candidates) can access the instructions by logging on to the KNEC website and clicking on the 2024 Project/Practical button. They can download all the instructions related to the subjects in which the candidates are registered.
    1.3. The Principal/Subject teacher or County Director of Education (for private candidates) can access the instructions by logging into the KNEC Project/Practical portal using the User Code and Password for the examination center.
    1.4. A User Manual is available on the KNEC projects portal to guide various tasks such as logging into the projects’ portal, downloading advance instructions, entering candidates’ scores, uploading photographic evidence, and generating reports on the milestones.
    1.5. The Projects’ assessment will have two key milestones: Milestone I and Milestone II. It is mandatory to upload the milestone submissions within the specified timelines provided.

1.6 After each Milestone, the Subject Teachers will enter the candidates’ scores and upload a group photograph of the candidates at their workstations in either .gif or .jpg format on the Project portal.
1.7 The project portal will only be accessible for score entry and upload of photographic evidence for one month before the deadline(s).
1.8 It is the responsibility of the County Directors of Education (for private candidates) or Principals to ensure that the candidates complete their project work and that the scores are entered and uploaded within the specified timelines. Failure to do so will result in:
1.8.1 A penalty fee of Kshs. 500.00 per candidate for failure to upload within the specified timelines.
1.8.2 KNEC may take punitive measures, such as withholding the candidates’ results and/or deregistering the institutions as KNEC examination centers.
1.9 KNEC will closely monitor the progress of the projects and the authenticity of the scores for all candidates registered for the 2024 KCSE Project/Practical examination.
1.10 Schools and individual candidates are required to compile and maintain a portfolio of evidence documenting the progress of the project work for assessment and monitoring purposes.
1.11 It is important for County Directors of Education (for private candidates), Principals, Subject teachers, and candidates to understand that all documents related to assessment and examination conduct are confidential and must be treated as such at all times.

2.0 The 2024 KCSE Examination Oral, Aural, and Practical Papers:
2.1 The advance instructions for the Art and Design (442/2) and Computer Studies (451/2) practical papers will be uploaded on the schools’ project portal by September 2024, allowing schools sufficient time to prepare the required materials for the examination.
2.2 Assessors will enter and upload the candidates’ scores for the KCSE examination papers with Oral, Aural, and Practical components for French (501/3), German (502/3), Arabic (503/3), Kenyan Sign Language (504/3), and Music (511/1) on the examination day, following the assessment timetable.
2.3 Subject teachers will enter and upload the Home Science practical (441/3) candidates’ scores on the examination day, according to the assessment timetable.

3.0 Evidence of Uploaded Scores:
Principals/Subject teachers or County Directors of Education (for private candidates) are required to download the candidates’ scores report (in PDF format), print a hard copy of the uploaded scores for each milestone, and keep it as evidence. This applies to subjects with a project and Home Science (441/3) practicals only.

4.0 Host Centres for Private Candidates:
County Directors of Education with private candidates registered for subjects with a project/practical component should identify the schools that will host the private candidates for the project/practical work and inform KNEC in writing.
Please ensure that all relevant parties are informed about this information and that the guidelines for the effective administration of the projects and practicals are followed.

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