What is Debt Snowball:

The “Debt Snowball” method is a popular strategy for paying off debts. It involves listing your debts in order, starting with the smallest payoff or balance, regardless of the interest rates or terms. The idea behind this approach is to focus on the psychological and behavioral aspects of debt repayment rather than purely mathematical calculations.

By tackling the smallest debts first, you can experience quick wins and build momentum, which helps to stay motivated and committed to the debt repayment plan. As you pay off each small debt, you can then roll the amount you were paying towards that debt into the next debt on the list, creating a snowball effect.

This method emphasizes behavior modification and motivation. It acknowledges that personal finance is more about changing behavior than just crunching numbers. By paying off debts one by one, you not only free up your income but also make a statement about your commitment to becoming debt-free.

It is important to note that the Debt Snowball method requires effort and sacrifice. It involves using a budget, getting current with your debts, and maintaining focused intensity. The goal is to eliminate all debts, except for your home mortgage, and achieve financial freedom.

Remember, the Debt Snowball method may not be the most mathematically efficient strategy in terms of interest savings, but it has proven to be effective for many people due to its focus on behavior change and motivation.

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