State any five deeds that lead to piety and righteousness

Discover five actions that lead to piety and righteousness according to Islamic teachings. Learn how these deeds can foster a virtuous and God-fearing lifestyle.

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Here are five deeds that lead to piety and righteousness:

  1. Believing in Allah (SWT), the Last Day, Angels, His Books, and Messengers.
  2. Spending one’s wealth to please Allah (SWT) by helping relatives, orphans, the needy, the wayfarer, and those who ask for assistance, and freeing slaves.
  3. Observing prayers and giving charity regularly.
  4. Honoring promises.
  5. Exercising patience and firmness while suffering or when faced with any calamity.

Additionally, other deeds that promote piety and righteousness include tranquility, contentment, patience, truthfulness, and restraining from anger.

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