KCSE Revision Questions in Islamic Studies Paper 2


Prepare for your Islamic Studies revision with these key questions. Explore topics such as the role of Angel Jibril, preservation of the Quran, significance of Suratul Fatiha, understanding Hadith and Sunnah, rituals like Tayammum and fasting, characteristics of prophets, belief in Qiyamah, the impact of Hijra, combating drug abuse, using speech as sadaqah, insights into polygamy, and historical persecution of early Muslims.

  1. Role of Angel Jibril and Preservation of the Quran
    a. Describe the role of Angel Jibril (7 marks)
    b. How was the Quran preserved during the Prophet’s time? (7 marks)
    c. Importance of Suratul Fatiha (6 marks)
  2. Hadith and Sunnah
    a. Ways in which Hadith helps Muslims regulate their behavior (10 marks)
    b. Differentiating between Hadith and Sunnah (5 marks)
    c. Conditions of a Muhadith (5 marks)
  3. Rituals and Practices in Islam
    a. Situations where Tayammum is allowed (5 marks)
    b. Explanation of five types of fasting (5 marks)
    c. Forbidden acts in the state of ihram (5 marks)
    d. Lessons Muslims can learn from Sheikh Al-amin Mazrui (5 marks)
  4. Prophets, Qiyamah, and Hijra
    a. Characteristics of prophets (5 marks)
    b. Significance of believing in Qiyamah (8 marks)
    c. Why hijra is regarded as the turning point in Islamic history (7 marks)
  5. Social Responsibilities of Muslims
    a. Role of Muslims in eradicating drug abuse (10 marks)
    b. Ways Muslims should use their tongue as sadaqah (10 marks)
  6. Marriage, Polygamy, and Persecution
    a. Reasons why the Prophet (S.A.W) married more than four wives (8 marks)
    b. Situations where polygamy can be considered the best solution (6 marks)
    c. Various methods of persecution used by the Quraysh against early Muslims (6 marks)
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