Dipping Procedures

Before Dipping

  • Check water level (full tank)
  • Open inlet pipe and close outlet.
  • To ensure complete coverage all cattle must be dry before dipping

During Dipping

  • Ensure dip is mixed according to manufacturer’s instructions, paying attention to correct strengths, premixing and mixing instructions
  • Under strength dipping is never cost effective – it only leads to incomplete tick control and resistance.
  • Agitate the dip wash.
  • This can be done effectively by running 20-30 head through the dip and then returning them to the main herd to be dipped again.
  • Make sure the dip wash is not too dirty. This can render the dip less effective.
  • As dips ‘strip out’ a maximum of 500 head should be dipped before replenishing the dip.
  • An accurate cattle count must be made and recorded.
  • All animals must be submerged completely. If the dip tank is silted up so that animals do not submerge it must be emptied and cleaned.

After dipping

  • Close inlet and open outlet pipes.
  • Clean collecting pen and drainage pen to prevent build up of mud and dung.
  • Clean footbaths.
  • Repair broken pens etc.
  • Collect remaining dip and empty dip containers and dispose of them suitably.
  • Dipping Procedures

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