Describe the function of various parts of a plunge dip

Describe the function of various parts of a plunge dip. (10 marks)

  1. animal holding-used to hold animals before dipping
  2. foot path-to wash the feet of the animal before they get into dip wash
  3. dip tank-contains acaricides solution for controlling ticks
  4. drying yard- where the animals are held to dry before being released pastures
  5. silt-trap –prevent siltation
  6. dip tank shelter- prevent evaporation of the dip wash
  7. jump-allows the animals to jump singly into dip tank
  8. draining race-the dip was from the animal’s body drip off and drains backs to the dip tank
  9. waste pit-used as dumping site for sediments from the dip tank
  10. water tank-used for storing water either from the roof or any other area

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