Name three political parties which struggled for independence in Kenya after 1945

Explore the political landscape of Kenya after 1945 with the emergence of three influential parties advocating for independence. Learn about their objectives, leadership, and impact.

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After analyzing the provided documents, I can confirm that three political parties that struggled for independence in Kenya after 1945 were:

  1. Kenya African Union (KAU): Formed in 1944, the Kenya African Union aimed to represent the interests and constitutional rights of all Africans effectively. Led by well-educated Africans such as Francis Khamisi and Harry Thuku, KAU advocated for constitutional reforms for Africans and better living and working conditions. Its establishment was prompted by the nomination of Eliud Mathu to the Legislative Council (LEGCO), and it aimed to support him in his new role as the first African nominated to the LEGCO.
  2. Kenya African Democratic Union (KADU): The Kenya African Democratic Union emerged as a political party in 1960. It primarily represented the interests of ethnic communities that feared domination by the larger ethnic group represented by the Kenya African National Union (KANU). KADU sought decentralized governance, safeguarding the interests of minority ethnic groups, and a federal system of government.
  3. African People’s Party (APP): The African People’s Party was founded in 1961 by Paul Ngei. While limited information about the party’s objectives is available in the provided documents, it is mentioned that the party engaged in massive countrywide support activities in Ukambani, a region in eastern Kenya. The APP played a role in the political landscape of Kenya during that period.

These three political parties played significant roles in advocating for independence and representing the interests of various ethnic groups in Kenya during and after the struggle for independence.

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