The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 Chapter Three – Citizenship

Constitution of Kenya, 2010

The Constitution of Kenya, 2010 Chapter Three – Citizenship

Chapter Three of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 deals with citizenship. It contains provisions regarding the entitlements, retention, acquisition, and revocation of citizenship in Kenya. Here is an overview of the articles in Chapter Three:

Article 12: Entitlements of citizens

This article outlines the entitlements and rights that citizens of Kenya possess, including the right to a Kenyan passport and the right to participate in political processes.

Article 13: Retention and acquisition of citizenship

Article 13 provides details on the circumstances under which a person may retain or acquire Kenyan citizenship. It includes provisions for citizenship by birth, descent, and registration.

Article 14: Citizenship by birth

This article specifies that a person is a citizen by birth if they are born in Kenya and at least one of their parents is a Kenyan citizen.

Article 15: Citizenship by registration

Article 15 outlines the process by which a person can acquire Kenyan citizenship through registration. It includes provisions for individuals who have been resident in Kenya for a specified period and individuals who are married to Kenyan citizens.

Article 16: Dual citizenship

Article 16 allows for dual citizenship, meaning that a person can hold citizenship in Kenya as well as in another country. However, there are restrictions on dual citizenship for individuals holding certain public offices.

Article 17: Revocation of citizenship

This article describes the circumstances under which Kenyan citizenship can be revoked, such as if a person acquired citizenship through fraud or false representation.

Article 18: Legislation on citizenship

Article 18 empowers Parliament to enact legislation to regulate matters relating to citizenship, including the procedure for acquiring and renouncing citizenship.

These provisions in Chapter Three of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010 establish the framework for citizenship in Kenya, including the rights and entitlements of citizens, the procedures for acquiring and retaining citizenship, and the circumstances under which citizenship can be revoked.

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