KCSE 2013 MARKING SCHEMES: History & Government Paper 2 (311/2)

Read a concise review of the History and Government Paper 2 (KCSE 2013) which covers various topics such as early man, the Agrarian Revolution, iron working in Africa, trade methods, government types in Africa, and more.

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A Brief Overview of History and Government Paper 2 (KCSE 2013)

The History and Government Paper 2 (KCSE 2013) is a comprehensive examination that covers a range of topics related to history and government. The paper consists of two sections – Section A and Section B.

Section A requires candidates to answer all the questions, which mainly focus on multiple-choice and short-answer questions. The questions cover various aspects such as the types of dwellings used by early man, inventions leading to the Agrarian Revolution in Britain, theories of iron working in Africa, trade methods, modern print media, factors contributing to the growth of ancient towns, and types of government in pre-colonial Africa.

Section B requires candidates to answer three essay questions, which delve deeper into topics like the hunting of wild animals during the Stone Age period, the uses of coal during the Industrial Revolution in Europe, and the impact of colonial rule on African economies.

Overall, the History and Government Paper 2 (KCSE 2013) provides a comprehensive assessment of historical knowledge and understanding, as well as critical thinking skills. It challenges candidates to think analytically and demonstrate their understanding of key historical concepts and events.

In conclusion, the History and Government Paper 2 (KCSE 2013) is an important examination that tests candidates’ knowledge of history and government. It covers a wide range of topics and requires candidates to demonstrate their understanding through both multiple-choice and essay questions. By answering these questions, candidates not only showcase their knowledge but also develop critical thinking and analytical skills that are essential for studying history and government.

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