Explore the factors influencing climate, characteristics of climatic regions, and the impact of climate change on the environment.

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Understanding Climate: Factors, Regions, and Impacts


Understanding Climate: Factors, Regions, and Impacts

The document “Geography Notes Form 2 – Climate” provides a comprehensive overview of climate, its influencing factors, climatic regions, and the impact of climate change. It covers essential topics such as distinguishing weather from climate, explaining the factors that influence climate, describing climatic regions in Kenya and globally, and discussing the causes and effects of aridity, desertification, and climate change.

The content is well-organized and covers the specific objectives of the topic effectively. It begins by defining climate as the long-term average of weather conditions, including temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, and atmospheric pressure. It then delves into the factors influencing climate, such as latitude, inter-tropical convergence zone, altitude, distance from the sea, ocean currents, aspect, winds and air masses, coastline configuration, forests, and human activities. Each factor is explained concisely, providing a clear understanding of its impact on climate.

Furthermore, the document highlights the characteristics of climatic regions in Kenya, such as the modified equatorial climate along the coast and Lake Victoria basin, the modified tropical climate in the central highlands, the tropical continental/desert climate in northern and eastern Kenya, and the tropical climate in specific regions like Narok and Taita. It provides valuable insights into the temperature range, rainfall patterns, and humidity levels of each region.

Additionally, the document addresses the causes and effects of aridity, desertification, and climate change. It explores how human activities, such as deforestation and the emission of greenhouse gases, contribute to these phenomena. It also emphasizes the importance of finding solutions to mitigate the impacts of aridity, desertification, and climate change on the physical and human environment.

Overall, “Geography Notes Form 2 – Climate” is a comprehensive resource for understanding climate and its various aspects. The information is presented in a concise and accessible manner, making it suitable for students and anyone interested in gaining knowledge about climate and its impact on our world.

Theme: Understanding the Dynamics of Climate and its Environmental Consequences

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