What are the factors put into consideration during selection of the breeding stock

What are the factors put into consideration during selection of the breeding stock

  1. Age of the animal: Select young animals which have given-birth not more than three times because production and breeding efficiency declines with age and have long productive life.
  2. The level of production: Select animals with the highest production depending on the type using performance records
  3. Health: Select health breeding stock as they are resistant to diseases, produce well and economical to keep
  4. Body conformation/appearance: Select animals according to proper body appearance depending on the purpose e g dairy or beef cattle
  5. Behavior/temperament of the animals: Select animals with good behavior. Those with bad behavior such as kicking, aggressive, egg eating and cannibalism should not be selected
  6. Quality of the products: Select animals that give high quality products e g milk, wool, eggs and meat
  7. Mothering ability: Select animal with ability to rear the young ones up up weaning
  8. Adaptability to the environment: Select animals that are suited or adapted to the prevailing environmental conditions of the area
  9. Prolificacy: Select highly prolific animals i.e. have the ability to give birth to many young ones at a time (large litter in pig and rabbits)
  10. Fertility: Select fertile animals that breed regularly
  11. Genetic and physical defects: Selected animals should be free of physical defects such as broken leg, limping and genetic defects such one eyed, over shot, under shot, irregular number of teat etc.
  12. Growth rate: Select animals that give birth to fast growing and maturing off-springs

Outline the factors that influence the choice of building materials.

  1. Availability of the materials
  2. Durability of the materials
  3. Cost if the materials in relation to capital available
  4. Suitability of the materials to prevailing weather conditions
  5. Strength of the materials
  6. Work ability of the materials/availability of skills required to use the materials
  7. Kind of the structure I e permanent or temporary. Suitability of the materials in relation to the structure/farm enterprise.

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