Describe foot rot disease in sheep under the following sub-headings

Describe foot rot disease in sheep under the following sub-headings

  • Causal organism

Bacterium of fusiformissppi, efusiformisnecrophorous, fusiformisnodosus or spirochaetapenortha

  • Predisposing factors

  1. Wet or muddy conditions/ground
  2. Injuries or wounds on hooves
  3. Overgrown hooves./untrimmed hooves that leads to cracking of hooves
  4. Presence of sharp objects on grazing fields
  • Symptoms of attack

  1. Lameness / inability to walk under acute attack
  2. Swelling of affected feet
  3. Wounds and ulcers/pus/
  4. Foul smell and pus from the  affected hoof
  5. Anorexia/loss of appetite
  6. Sheep graze on their knees when the front legs are affected
  7. Loss of weight/emaciation
  • Control measures

  1. Regularly hoof trimming
  2. Keep grazing land free from sharp objects.
  3. Avoid grazing animals on we, damp/ muddy areas
  4. Make animals walk in a foot bath of 3% formalin or 5% copper sulphate solution.
  5. Isolate sick ones from healthy ones
  6. Clean the affected foot with antiseptic and apply protective dressing

Explain the importance of keeping livestock health

  1. Health animals are economical to keep i.e. the farmers save on drugs and veterinary bills
  2. Healthy animals do not spread zoonotic diseases to human beings and other livestock
  3. Healthy animals  breed regularly
  4. Healthy animals are more productive/ give high yields
  5. Healthy animals produce good quality products that fetch good market prices
  6. Healthy animals grow faster and mature early
  7. Healthy animals have longer productive live
  8. They give rise to strong, vigorous and health off-springs which are cheap to raise
  9. Healthy animals are attractive and have high market value

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