1.0.0   Introduction to Business Studies (3 Lessons)

1.21  Meaning of business studies

1.22  Importance of business studies in society

2.21  Meaning and purpose of a business

2.22  Business activities

2.23  Business environments.

        a) Internal

        b) External

2.24  Effects of various business environments on a business

2.0.0  Business and Its Environment (6 Lessons)

3.0.0  Satisfaction Of Human Wants (9 Lessons)

3.21  Meaning and characteristics of human wants

3.22  Types of human wants

3.23  Meaning of goods and services

3.24  Characteristics of goods and services

3.25  Economic resources

3.26  Relation between Scarcity, choice and opportunity cost to real life situations

4.0.0  Production (12 Lessons)

4.21  Meaning of production.

4.22  Types of utility.

4.23  Direct and indirect production.

4.24  Levels of production and related occupations.

4.25  Factors of production and their rewards.

4.26  Division of labour and specialization,

4.27  Classification of goods and services produced in an economy.

5.0.0  Entrepreneurship (17 Lessons)

5.21  Meaning of entrepreneurship

5.22  Importance of entrepreneurship to an economy

5.23  Characteristics of an entrepreneur

5.24  Business ideas

5.25  Business opportunity

5.26  Evaluating a business opportunity

5.27  Need for a business plan

5.28  Factors that influence entrepreneurial practices

5.29 Causes of Business Success

5.30  Ethical values in business

6.0.0  The Office (17 Lessons)

6.21  Concept of an office

6.23  Functions of an office

6.24  Types of office layouts

6.25  Role of filing in an office

6.26  Duties of various office staff

6.27  Essential qualities of office staff

6.28  Trends in office management

7.0.0  Home Trade (30 Lessons)

7.21  Meaning and importance of trade

7.22  Classification of trade

7.23 Forms of home trade

7.24  Types and functions of retailers

7.25  Types and functions of wholesalers

7.26  Documents used in home trade

7.27  Means of payment in home trade

7.28  Terms of payment in home trade

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