Consequences of Breaking Oaths in TAS: Legal, Social, and Personal Consequences

Breaking oaths in TAS (The Advanced School) can have several consequences. Based on the information from the documents, here are the consequences:

  1. Legal consequences: Breaking oaths can lead to facing legal consequences, which may include imprisonment. This means that individuals who break their oaths may find themselves in trouble with the law and may have to face the legal consequences of their actions.
  2. Single parenthood: Breaking oaths can result in unintended pregnancies, which can lead to single parenthood. This can be a challenging situation for individuals who are not prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood.
  3. Forced/early marriages: Breaking oaths can also lead to forced or early marriages. In some cultures or communities, breaking an oath may be seen as dishonorable, and individuals may be forced into marriages to uphold their reputation or honor.
  4. School dropout: Breaking oaths can have an impact on education. Individuals who break their oaths may face social stigma, isolation, and judgment from others, which can lead to a decline in their mental well-being and may result in them dropping out of school.
  5. Social stigma and isolation: Breaking oaths can lead to social stigma and isolation. Society may condemn and judge individuals who break their oaths, viewing them as sinners or untrustworthy. This can result in isolation and a loss of social connections.
  6. Economic crises: Breaking oaths can have economic consequences. High rates of opportunistic diseases, such as those related to risky behaviors, can lead to economic crises due to the costs of care and medication. Individuals who break their oaths may also face challenges in finding stable employment or maintaining financial stability.

In summary, breaking oaths in TAS can have serious consequences, including legal repercussions, single parenthood, forced/early marriages, school dropout, social stigma and isolation, and economic crises. It is important for individuals to understand the potential consequences of breaking oaths and to make responsible choices to avoid these negative outcomes.

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