Physics Form 3 Term 2 Summative Test

This review covers a range of physics topics for KCSE Form 3 students. From pinhole cameras to electrical circuits, students will be challenged with questions that test their understanding and problem-solving skills. Get ready to delve into concepts such as density, acceleration, terminal velocity, refraction, energy transfer, and more.

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The document titled “KCSE Online Revision – Term II – Mid Term Exam – Physics – Form 3” contains a series of questions related to various topics in physics. The questions cover concepts such as pinhole cameras, density, ripples in water, springs, acceleration, terminal velocity, refraction, heat energy transfer, elastic potential energy, pulley systems, inclined planes, pendulums, screw mechanics, electrical circuits, resistors, and more. Each question is followed by a set of sub-questions that require students to apply their knowledge and problem-solving skills. The document also provides a website as a resource for additional educational materials.

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