Ministry of Education reveales plans to review policies with overlapping mandates.


Plans to revise regulations with conflicting requirements have been made public by the ministry of education.
The measures affect both basic and higher education, according to a study by the working group on the education system.

The TSC Act of 2012 and the Basic Education Act of 2013 are among the laws.
The University Act of 2012, TVET Act of 2013, and KNQA Act of 2014 are in conflict when it comes to higher education.

    Review and harmonize several Acts that occasionally conflict with one another and adversely affect service delivery, according to the report.
    Primary school teachers requested a review of laws which overlapped one another in their submissions to the education review team.
    There are duplicate quality assurance standards, according to Collins Oyuu, secretary general of the Kenya National Union of Teachers.

    Oyuu emphasized that the TSC’s and the ministry’s respective charters clearly state their different missions.
    Oyuu noted that the TSC and the ministry had both established an inspectorate department or division, which duplicated functions.
    This proposal exemplifies how the TSC Act and Basic Education Act conflict.

    In order to maintain neutrality, “Quality Assurance and Standards should be done by an external independent agency,” he stated.
    A conflict between mandates for creating content for teachers’ professional development was another point he made.
    Every five years, TPD aims to assist instructors in renewing their professional credentials.

    “KICD has a mission to design and prescribe the content for the TPD curriculum,” he stated.
    Now, teachers must complete five years of in-service professional training in order to renew their certifications.

    The professional development will run for 30 years and has six modules each lasting five years.

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