Mukumu Girls Joins other Kenyan Shitty Schools that hire dismiss BOM teachers indiscriminately

The school has sent all BOM Teachers home citing harsh economic situations.
Kama ni mambo na economy, why do they have to reapply for the posts come January?
If its do with tough economic situations, why don't you give something small to these teachers to help them cruise through December until we resume studies in January?
I said and I will repeat it here…….some Principals, head teachers and directors will fire BOM Teachers this time so as to fatten themselves with the December and January Salaries of these teachers.

To those whose services have been terminated or are about to be terminated, do not worry or give up in life. They have only sacked you but they have not sacked your blessings.
Keep moving, keep trusting and believe that everything will be fine.

To those heartless employers my message to them is one:
Continue mistreating the sons and daughters of other people.
God is watching 

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