Important 2024 KCSE Documents: Registration and Fees Guidelines

Get detailed information on the 2024 KCSE registration process, fees breakdown, and registration return envelopes. Access these documents on

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Review of 2024 KCSE Documents

The 2024 KCSE documents provide important information regarding the registration and fees for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination. These documents are essential for schools, private candidates, and education authorities involved in the registration process.

The first document, titled “2024 KCSE & QT REGISTRATION CIRCULAR,” outlines the registration process for regular candidates and private candidates. It emphasizes the responsibility of school heads to ensure accurate registration details, adherence to subject entry requirements, and the uploading of correct passport size photographs. Private candidates are directed to register at the Sub-County Directors of Education (SCDEs) offices.

2024 KCSE & QT REGISTRATION CIRCULAR .pdf2024 KCSE candidates with special needs.pdf2024 KCSE Entry Form for Private Candidates(2).pdf2024 KCSE fees summary for schools funded by MoE.pdf2024 KCSE fees summary sheets .pdf2024 KCSE private candidates list.pdf2024 KCSE REGISTRATION RETURN ENVELOPS.pdf2024 KCSE Repeaters Fees Breakdown.pdf

The second document, “2024 KCSE Repeaters Fees Breakdown,” provides a breakdown of the fees applicable to KCSE candidates repeating the examination and non-citizens. It lists the fees for each subject and includes additional project fees. The document also includes spaces for the principal’s name, mobile phone number, and signature, as well as the Sub-County Director of Education’s name, mobile phone number, and signature.

The third document, titled “2024 KCSE REGISTRATION RETURN ENVELOPS,” is a registration return envelope that schools and private candidates can use to submit their registration details to the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC). The envelope requires the filling of the county and sub-county names and codes, the name and address of the school or private candidate’s center, the total number of candidates uploaded on the KNEC website, and the total fees collected. It also includes spaces for the name and signature of the head of the institution or SCDE.

These documents serve as important resources for schools, private candidates, and education authorities involved in the KCSE registration process. They provide clear guidelines and information on the registration procedures, fees, and requirements for the 2024 KCSE examination.

To access these documents, they are available on the website, where you can find more information and resources related to the KCSE examination.

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