Outline Psalmist’s prophecies about the coming of Messiah (7mks)

  1. The Messiah would be betrayed by his close associated which was fulfilled by Judas Iscariot who betrayed him.
  2. He would rule from Zion.
  3. He would be honored by God and rule as His representative on earth.
  4. The messiah would enjoy God’s protection and
  5. Victory over his enemies.
  6. He would be called Lord.
  7. He would be a righteous king
  8. He would be sitted at the right hand of God.

What took place when Mary visited Elizabeth.

  1. She entered Zechariah’s home.
  2. She greeted Elizabeth.
  3. When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greetings the baby in her womb leaped.
  4. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy spirit.
  5. Elizabeth exclaimed with a loud cry.
  6. She blessed Mary and the child in the womb.
  7. Elizabeth wondered why Mary the mother of her Lord had visited her.
  8. Elizabeth informed Mary that the baby in her womb had leaped for joy in her greetings.
  9. Mary responded by praising God/sung the magnificat.
  10. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months

What lessons can Christians learn from the visit of Mary to Elizabeth(6mks)

  1. Christians should not compare their lives with others
  2. Christians should look for opportunities to give others a reason to praise God.
  3. Christians should remember that God still performs miracles even today
  4. Christians should chose joy instead of jealousy
  5. Christians should understand that God still keep his promises
  6. Christians learn that God will put the right people at the right time in our lives.
  7. Christians should maintain good relationship with their relatives.

Describe the incident when Jesus was baptized in River Jordan by John the Baptist.Luke 3:21_22(6mks)

  1. All the people had been baptized by John.
  2. Jesus was also baptized.
  3. Jesus then started praying.
  4. The heavens opened.
  5. The Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus in a bodily form as a dove.
  6. Then a voice came from heaven.
  7. Then it said, ‘thou art my beloved son with thee am well pleased

Explain four reasons why Jesus was baptized and yet He was not a sinner(8mks)

  1. To identify himself with sinners
  2. To be identified by John2
  3. To be introduced to the crowd as the messiah
  4. To fulfill all righteousness
  5. It symbolized his death and resurrection
  6. To show that he was ready to start his work
  7. To acknowledge the work of John the Baptist as his forerunner

Explain six reasons why Christians undergo baptism.(6mks)

  1. Christians are baptized to identify with Jesus
  2. It unites Christians as members of one body
  3. It unites Christians as members of one body
  4. It is a sign of death and resurrection of Jesus
  5. Signifies a new life/change of status
  6. Use of water is symbolic as a leaser.
  7. Signifies the complete forgiveness of sins
  8. It makes them children of God
  9. It marks the beginning of personal commitment to God
  10. Prepare Christians for the heavenly Kingdom
  11. It gives one a sense of belonging to a Christian community
  12. It confirmed that Jesus was the son of God/Messiah/Divinity of Jesus

Outline the events that took place on the Mount of Olives before the arrest of Jesus.(7mks)

  1. Jesus told the disciples to pray
  2. Jesus moved a distance away from the disciples
  3. Jesus knelt down and prayed
  4. An angel from heaven strengthened him
  5. The disciples fell asleep
  6. Jesus awoke the disciples
  7. There came a crowd led by Judas one of his twelve disciples
  8. Judas wanted to Kiss Jesus
  9. One of the disciples struck off a slave’s ear.
  10. Jesus healed the man’s ear.
  11. Jesus asked the religious leaders why they had come to arrest him as if he was a criminal.

State four accusations that were made against Jesus during his trial Luke 22:66_23:1_23 (8mks)

  1. Jesus called himself the Christ/Messiah.
  2. He claimed to be the son of God.
  3. He was inciting people with his teaching.
  4. He was opposing the payment of taxes to Caesar.
  5. He had made himself the King of the Jews against the Roman authority.
  6. Jesus had stirring up the people to revolt.
  7. He was equating himself to god/blasphemy

Give five ways in which Christians should take care of those in jail (5mks)3

  1. Praying for them
  2. Visiting them so that they can feel wanted in society/invite them to their homes
  3. Preaching the good news of salvation to them
  4. Showing them care/concern
  5. Welcoming them into the church
  6. Providing them with basic needs(food, shelter, clothing) financial/medication
  7. Offering guidance and counseling to help them to reform
  8. Involving them in community/church activities
  9. By helping them to become self reliant by giving them jobs/survival skills
  10. Listening to them/help them to solve their problems
  11. Counseling their families to accept/forgive them

Identify the fruits of the Holy Spirit as taught by Saint Paul in the early church (7mks)

  1. Love.
  2. Joy.
  3. Peace.
  4. Kindness.
  5. Patience.
  6. Self control.
  7. Faithfulness.
  8. Goodness.
  9. Gentleness.

Explain the teachings of Peter concerning the people of God (1st Peter 2:9-10) 8 marks

  1. The believers are chosen people/race/they have been selected.
  2. They are a royal priesthood/they are to save the greatest King/God.
  3. They are Holy nation/expected to lead holy/righteousness lives
  4. They belong to God/they form a family of God’s own possession.
  5. They are to declare wonderful deeds of God/that is to lead a life of worshipping God/testifying aboutGod. by evil.
  6. They were once not a people/they were outside the covenant way of life.
  7. They are led by the mercies of God/have received God’s grace.

Ways in which kindness as a fruit of Holy Spirit is abused in Kenya today.

  1. By church leaders starting many projects in the church, expecting the congregation to provide the finance.
  2. Some Christian fail to work because they expect assistance from others.
  3. Some Christian over-depends on other problem’s assistance/effort,
  4. Some members of the church failing to return/refund borrowed money and expect the members of the church to understand.
  5. When church leaders demand for payment for all services they render.
  6. When church leaders ask their congregations to cater for their personal needs like further studies/buying of vehicles/etc

Identify sources sources of Christian ethics (5mks)

  1. The bible
  2. Traditions from Christian community
  3. Natural law.4
  4. Situation ethics.
  5. Human reason/experience

What are some of the challenges that youths today in Kenya face.(8mks)

  1. Lack of employment opportunities
  2. Failure to succeed in education system
  3. Issues related to body image/lack of good role models.
  4. Family problems
  5. Substance abuse
  6. Pressures of materialism
  7. Lack of affordable housing
  8. Negative stereotyping
  9. Crime
  10. Negative influence from mass media
  11. Western influence
  12. Peer influence
  13. Permissiveness in the society

What is the importance of studying of life skills to youths today (6mks)

  1. Knowing oneself
  2. Live with one another
  3. Make effective decisions
  4. Live positively
  5. Practice healthy behaviour
  6. Avoid risky behaviour
  7. Make informed choices
  8. Recognize risky behaviour
  9. Accept challenges and try new ideas
  10. Contributes in making a just society

What is the role of laws in our country?(6mks)

  1. It protects rights of individuals/groups
  2. It spells out of conduct/responsibilities among people
  3. It promotes fairness in the administration of justice/equality before the law.
  4. It creates peace and order in society
  5. It gives direction on what is right or wrong

Identify the practices that promote law, order and justice in Traditional African Society.(7mks)

  1. Communal law, order and justice in the society.
  2. Kinship ties.
  3. Observing rites of passage.
  4. Having common religious beliefs.
  5. Inter-clan marriages.
  6. Administration of oaths.
  7. Customs/rules to govern relationships.
  8. Signing treaties/covenant between communities/use of mediators/emissaries.
  9. Observing taboos that enhance good moral behaviours.
  10. Sharing meals as a sign of peace.
  11. Punishing offenders.
  12. Leisure activities.
  13. Having leaders.

What are obstacles to effective maintaince of Law and justice.(7mks)

  1. There is an increase in the rate of crime / the law enforcement officers can not cope with the work load.
  2. Due to unequal distribution of resources.
  3. Permissiveness in the society /lack of morals! don’t care altitude.
  4. Due to political instability f incitement by politicians.
  5. Extreme poverty.
  6. Social discrimination.
  7. Some cultural beliefs / practices hinder effective maintenance of law /concealing criminals information.
  8. High rate of unemployment.
  9. Bribery / corruption.
  10. Greed for material wealth.
  11. Inadequate modern equipment to combat crime.
  12. Delay in the delivery of justice to the offended.
  13. The citizens lack knowledge on the procedures for the effective maintenance of law and order.

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