Senate Impeach Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda

Impeachment of Governor Simba Arati's Deputy: Allegations of Corruption and Abuse of Office

Senators Impeach Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda: A Tale of Political Turmoil

In a dramatic turn of events, Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda has been impeached by the Senate, marking a significant chapter in the political landscape of Kisii County. The decision, reached after a vote by the Senators, has shaken the local community and raised questions about the integrity of the county’s leadership.

The impeachment process was initiated following allegations of abuse of office, gross violation of the constitution, gross misconduct, and crimes under national law. The accusations brought against Deputy Governor Monda were serious and carried weight in the deliberations of the Senate. The majority of the Senators upheld the decision made by the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) of Kisii County to remove Monda from his position.

One of the central accusations that led to the impeachment was the alleged acceptance of an Ksh800,000 bribe by Monda to secure a job for Dennis Mokaya. Mokaya, the main witness in the proceedings, testified that the bribe was intended to facilitate his employment at the Gusii Water and Sanitation Company Limited (GWASCO). However, Mokaya claimed that Monda failed to fulfill his promise, resulting in personal and familial consequences. Mokaya’s wife, who was expectant at the time, suffered a miscarriage, adding to the emotional toll caused by the alleged misconduct.

The impeachment proceedings revealed a deep divide within the family of the embattled Deputy Governor. Joseph Misati, the father of Dennis Misati, the main witness against Monda, was called to testify in favor of the Deputy Governor. This public display of family feuds and tensions not only shocked the Senators but also drew criticism from the public. Many viewed it as a reflection of the extent of the rift caused by Monda’s alleged actions.

The Senate vote on the four charges brought against Monda was decisive. On the charge of gross violation of the constitution, 39 Senators voted in favor, with only three dissenting and one abstention. The same result was seen for the charge of abuse of office. On the charge of gross misconduct, 35 Senators found Monda guilty, with seven dissenting and one abstention. Lastly, for the charge of crimes under national law, 32 Senators voted in favor of guilt, while 10 voted against and one abstained.

The impeachment of Deputy Governor Monda has left a power vacuum in Kisii County. According to the ruling, Kisii Governor Simba Arati must nominate a new deputy within the next 14 days. The nominee will then undergo consideration by the County Assembly within 60 days. This process will undoubtedly shape the future of Kisii County’s governance and determine the direction in which the region moves forward.

The impeachment of Robert Monda has not only exposed the alleged corruption and misconduct within the county’s leadership but also highlighted the importance of transparency and integrity in public office. The Senate’s decision to remove Monda from his position sends a clear message that accountability is vital in ensuring the well-being and trust of the citizens.

As Kisii County navigates this period of transition, the focus must remain on the betterment of the region and the restoration of public trust. The events surrounding the impeachment of Deputy Governor Monda serve as a reminder that the responsibilities entrusted to public officials come with great expectations from the people they serve.

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