Shiver in the vein as impeachment motion against Kisii Deputy Governor tabled

Hon Robert Onsare Monda DG Kisii County

In the realm of politics, where power struggles and serious matters dominate the stage, there are moments when the absurdity of human behavior shines through, injecting a dose of unexpected humor into the chaos. Such is the case with the impeachment motion against Kisii Deputy Governor Robert Monda. Within the intense and heated atmosphere of the Kisii Assembly, comic traits emerge, adding a surreal twist to this already tumultuous affair.

As the motion to impeach Deputy Governor Monda was tabled, the scene quickly devolved into a circus-like spectacle. Amidst the charged arguments and heated exchanges, one cannot help but be amused by the outrageous and larger-than-life personalities that take center stage. The article mentions the forceful ejection of Ward Representative Ishmael Matundura from the House by orderlies, as if he were a character in a slapstick comedy. This unexpected physical comedy element brings a moment of levity to an otherwise tense situation.

But the absurdity doesn’t end there. In a truly comedic fashion, a nominee found herself drenched as an angry colleague emptied a bottle of water on her. The sheer absurdity of such an act leaves one questioning the sanity of those involved. And outside the Assembly, two female nominees nearly came to blows, only to be separated by their colleagues. This comical display of aggression, akin to an exaggerated wrestling match, adds a touch of farce to the proceedings.

Amidst the chaos, the grounds for impeachment against Deputy Governor Monda take on a comedic twist of their own. Ichuni MCA Wycliffe Siocha invokes the element of bribery, painting a picture of Monda using county staff on his private farm for unofficial work. This absurd scenario brings to mind images of a government-sanctioned farm comedy, complete with bewildered chickens and confused bureaucrats. Siocha further alleges that Monda orchestrated the arrest of his own brother over a domestic squabble, deploying enforcement officers as if they were characters in a Keystone Cops film.

The accusations continue, with Siocha claiming that Monda accepted a bribe of Sh800,000 to secure a job that never materialized. This plotline would fit perfectly into a satirical comedy, where incompetent officials and shady dealings collide, leaving everyone involved in a state of absurdity. Callen Magara, a nominee seconding the motion, adds to the comedic narrative by questioning the morals of a society where individuals in power seek bribes from jobless youth. Her witty remark serves as a sharp punchline, highlighting the ridiculousness of the situation.

While it is important to approach the impeachment proceedings with a critical eye and ensure that due process is followed, the comic traits that emerge cannot be ignored. They offer a glimpse into the absurdity and unpredictability of politics, reminding us that even in the most serious of circumstances, humor has a way of finding its place.

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