Kisii Blogger Duke Nyabaro Strangled to Death: Post-Mortem Report Reveals Shocking Details

Kisii blogger, Duke Nyabaro, strangled to death, post-mortem report

In a devastating turn of events, Kisii blogger Duke Nyabaro has been found strangled to death, according to a post-mortem report. The shocking revelation has sent shockwaves through the community and sparked demands for a comprehensive investigation into his untimely demise.

The post-mortem examination took place at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital, where it was determined that Duke Nyabaro was manually strangled. This disturbing revelation has left family members and loved ones in utter disbelief, seeking answers and justice for their lost son.

The tragic incident unfolded when Nyabaro’s lifeless body was discovered hanging at a kiosk in Kitutu Central. Initially, it appeared as though he had taken his own life, with a rope found around his neck. However, the post-mortem report revealed a different, more sinister truth behind his death.

Nyabaro, a high school teacher in Migori County, was also known for his active presence on social media. Described as a brilliant young man with a promising future, his sudden and violent demise has left his family devastated. His father, Peter Nyabaro, expressed the pain of losing a son who had excelled academically and was making a positive impact on society.

The family also revealed that Duke had faced adversity early in life, losing his mother at a young age. Despite this tragedy, he persevered with the support of his uncles, who played a significant role in his education. Nyabaro’s uncle, Joshua Masire, emphasized the immense potential and hope they had for Duke’s future, making his death all the more devastating.

Bonchari MP Charles Onchoke, who was a close friend of Duke Nyabaro, joined the family in demanding a swift and conclusive investigation into the killing. Expressing his deep sorrow, MP Onchoke highlighted Duke’s brilliance and the invaluable contributions he had made to their community. He called upon the police to act swiftly and bring those responsible to justice.

The investigation into Nyabaro’s death is currently underway, with the police focusing on leads provided by individuals who were last seen with him. CCTV footage from an entertainment joint that Duke visited before his death is being reviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. The police are working tirelessly to determine whether he was killed elsewhere and his body was later hanged at the kiosk, or if he took his own life.

The family has expressed their satisfaction with the post-mortem report, indicating that they trust the pathologist’s findings. However, the search for answers continues as they await justice for their beloved Duke Nyabaro. The case has shed light on the dangers faced by bloggers and the importance of protecting freedom of expression.

It is crucial that the investigation into Duke Nyabaro’s death is thorough and conclusive to bring closure to his family and ensure that those responsible are held accountable for their actions. The tragic loss of such a promising young individual underscores the need for a safer and more secure environment for bloggers and journalists to exercise their rights.

As the community mourns the loss of Duke Nyabaro, the call for justice resonates loudly. It is imperative that his story serves as a reminder of the value of truth, the importance of investigative journalism, and the need to protect those who dare to speak out. The quest for justice continues as the investigation unfolds and the truth behind Nyabaro’s death is brought to light.

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