Popular Cars in Kisii County: 1000CC to 1500CC Range

Toyota Fielder

Top 10 1000CC to 1500CC common Cars on Kisii Roads

Kisii County, located in South Western Kenya, is surrounded by Migori, Narok, Bomet, and Homabay counties. The county’s main economic activities revolve around agriculture, services, hospitality, real estate, and foreign remittances, particularly from the USA and Britain. Unlike Nairobi, where fancy vehicles are more common, Kisii residents prefer practical cars that can multitask. Therefore, the most popular cars in Kisii, ranging from 1000CC to 1500CC, are often owned by government workers and businessmen, while agriculturalists prefer vans and pickups for their versatility.

Toyota wagons, such as Probox, Sienta, Fielder, Touring, and DX 103, dominate the roads in Kisii. These station wagons are favored over sedans due to their multitasking capabilities. Approximately more than half of the cars in Kisii belong to the Toyota wagon family. However, it’s important to note that Kisii’s hilly terrain and meandering roads, which are not well-built or carpeted, make it challenging for low-riding luxury cars like the Toyota Crown to withstand the conditions.

Toyota probox

The following list provides an overview of the most popular cars in Kisii County, listed in descending order of popularity:

  • Toyota Probox: This versatile car, also known as the “Kisii donkey,” is commonly used for both goods and passengers. It has a 1500CC engine and is widely used for various purposes such as ferrying people, agricultural products, charcoal, public services, security vans, and private use. Toyota Succeed, a similar model, also competes in popularity.
  • Toyota Sienta Mini Van: As a 7-seater minivan with a 1500CC engine, the Sienta is popular for taxi services, PSV (matatu), and private use. It is not commonly used for transporting goods.
  • Toyota Corolla Fielder: This attractive 5-seater car with a 1500CC engine is popular among teachers, medical practitioners, and businessmen. It is also used for taxi services.
  • Toyota Corolla NZE: Although it is an older model, this consistent car with a 1500CC engine remains popular among government employees, clergy, and businessmen. It is primarily used for private use and as a taxi.
  • Toyota Vitz: Known for its excellent fuel consumption, the Vitz has a 1300CC petrol engine that can cover 17-19 kilometers per liter of petrol. Kisii women commonly use it for private use, and some also use it for taxi services.
  • Toyota Corolla [110, 100, Touring, DX 103, E90]: These Toyota Corolla models are equally popular as the Probox due to their affordability, easy availability of spare parts, fuel efficiency, and reliability. They are widely available and compete with the Probox in popularity.
Nissan Wingroad
  • Toyota Premio [both new and old models]: The middle-class residents of Kisii who cannot afford a Prado often opt for the Premio. This model ranges from older versions, known as Primio Nyoka, to newer ones. Some are used for taxi services, while others are considered fuel guzzlers.
  • Toyota Corolla Axio and Alex: Similar to the Fielder, the Axio and Alex models are primarily used for private purposes and taxi services.
  • Mazda Demio: This non-Toyota brand challenges the dominance of Toyota cars in Kisii. With a 1000CC engine, it offers more than enough power for the average citizen’s transportation needs. It is used for taxi services and is particularly favored by women and the Indian community in the region.
  • Nissan Wingroad: The Wingroad, although less popular than the Toyota Fielder, is a good car. However, its lower resale value and the availability of spare parts make the Fielder more desirable. It is mostly used for private purposes, especially by government workers.
toyota DX 103

The provided information highlights the preferences and practical considerations of car ownership in Kisii County. It showcases the popularity of Toyota vehicles, particularly station wagons, due to their multitasking capabilities and availability of spare parts. The challenging terrain, coupled with the preference for practicality over luxury, influences the choice of vehicles in the region. Additionally, the list reflects the socio-economic factors, occupations, and specific demographics that contribute to the popularity of certain car models in Kisii County.

Factors Influencing Car Preferences in Kisii County

In Kisii County, several factors influence the car preferences of its residents. While the popularity of specific car models has been outlined in the previous information, it is worth exploring the underlying factors that contribute to these preferences. The following are some key factors that influence car choices in Kisii County:

  1. Multitasking Capability: Kisii County’s residents prefer vehicles that can serve multiple purposes. Station wagons, such as Toyota Probox, Sienta, Fielder, Touring, and DX 103, are favored due to their ability to transport both passengers and goods. This aligns with the region’s agricultural activities and the need for versatile vehicles.
  2. Terrain and Road Conditions: Kisii County is characterized by hilly landscapes and meandering roads that may not be well-built or carpeted. As a result, cars with low-riding chassis, such as luxury sedans, may not be suitable for the challenging terrain. This factor contributes to the preference for cars like the Toyota Probox, which have higher ground clearance and can better navigate the local road conditions.
  3. Affordability and Availability: The affordability and availability of cars play a significant role in shaping preferences. Kisii County is not a high-income region compared to urban centers like Nairobi. Therefore, cars that are relatively affordable, both in terms of purchase price and maintenance costs, are more popular. Toyota vehicles, known for their durability, widespread availability, and reasonable prices, dominate the market in Kisii.
  4. Occupation and Lifestyle: Different occupations and lifestyles influence car preferences in Kisii County. Government workers, businessmen, teachers, medical practitioners, and clergy members are among the prominent car owners in the region. Their specific needs and preferences, such as comfort, reliability, and suitability for their respective professions, contribute to the popularity of certain car models.
  5. Fuel Efficiency: Kisii County residents consider fuel efficiency an important factor when choosing a car. With the rising cost of fuel, vehicles that offer good mileage per liter of petrol are favored. Models like the Toyota Vitz, known for their excellent fuel consumption, attract a considerable number of buyers in the region.
  6. Peer Influence and Market Availability: The choices of friends, relatives, and acquaintances can also influence car preferences. If a particular car model gains popularity among a certain group, it may create a domino effect, leading to increased demand for that model. Additionally, the availability of spare parts and service centers for specific car brands in the local market can also influence purchasing decisions.

Understanding these factors provides insights into the car preferences and buying patterns of Kisii County residents. By considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions when purchasing a car that aligns with their needs and the unique characteristics of the region.

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