Massive Gold Scam Uncovered: 10 Arrested, Including Police Officer, in Nairobi Operation

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Busts High-End Office Converted into Scammer’s Lair, Saving Victim Ksh.1 Billion

In a sensational development that has sent shockwaves through Nairobi, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) successfully carried out an operation resulting in the arrest of ten individuals, including a police officer, suspected of running a massive gold scam. The operation, which commenced last Thursday, culminated in the recovery of fake gold and counterfeit dollar notes, as well as the prevention of a Tunisia national from losing Ksh.1 billion in a fraudulent gold purchase.

DCI boss Amin Mohammed personally visited the crime scene at Garden Estate area in Nairobi on Friday morning, where detectives had discovered a high-end office that was being used as a hub for defrauding unsuspecting businessmen. The office, formerly a residential property, yielded a significant haul of fake gold and counterfeit currency, which scammers had been employing to deceive their victims.

The operation’s success was a direct outcome of the victim’s alertness and cooperation with the authorities. The victim, a Tunisia national, had been promised the sale of one tonne of gold by the scammers. However, upon sensing something amiss, he promptly reported the matter to the DCI. His timely action not only prevented him from losing Ksh.1 billion but also triggered a chain of events that led to the dismantling of the gold scam network.

The victim’s ordeal began when he arrived in the country at approximately 3 am on Friday the previous week. After waiting for nearly an hour without anyone coming to receive him, a taxi driver convinced him that he would safely transport him to his intended destination. Instead, he was taken to an undisclosed location in Ngara, where he remained isolated until Thursday of the following week, when he was summoned to the Garden Estate office.

In order to gain access to the gold, the victim was required to make an initial payment of Ksh.400 million. After smelting and verifying a sample, he would then be expected to pay the remaining Ksh.600 million. However, the victim did not arrive alone. Detectives, supported by the DCI’s tactical team, stormed the office at the appointed time, resulting in the arrest of ten individuals. Two suspects managed to escape by tearing through a shade net fencing that had been erected to increase the height of the perimeter wall for added secrecy.

The DCI boss, Amin Mohammed, characterized the busted operation as a significant cartel that employed intimidation tactics and operated in an extremely sophisticated manner. He revealed that the investigation had uncovered potential involvement of a sitting senator, two sitting members of parliament, and senior officers within the National Police Service (NPS) who made desperate attempts to secure the release of the arrested suspects.

Apart from the fake gold, the scammers were found to be dealing in counterfeit currency, which was stashed in metal boxes within one of the rooms of the converted office. A pistol, numerous phones, and a substantial quantity of metal boxes were among the evidence seized during the raid, all of which have been transported to the DCI headquarters for further investigation.

The suspects are set to face charges and will be arraigned in court on Monday, marking a significant step towards dismantling this elaborate gold scam network that had been operating within Nairobi. The DCI’s success in this operation not only serves as a warning to potential fraudsters but also sends a clear message that Kenya is determined to protect its citizens and maintain its reputation as a safe and secure business environment.

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