Day: September 9, 2023

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Boni Khalwale’s Controversial Tweet Reveals a Disconnect with Kenyan Challenges and Sparks Debate on African Leadership

In a provocative and comprehensive statement, Boni Khalwale, a prominent Kenyan figure, has come under fire for his recent tweet during his visit to Finland. His tweet, which reads, “While in Finland, I’ve learned that what our youth need is not Finnish scholarships but an opportunity to fill the huge employment market in this great […]

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Developing News Geo-Politics

India’s Geopolitical Ambitions: Unraveling the China Challenge, Global South Dynamics, and African Union’s Role

Examining India’s Intentions, China’s Response, and the Significance of Global South and African Union In a momentous shift, India has made a profound impact at the G20 summit, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India’s prominence among the leaders and invitees of the esteemed gathering, which included influential nations like the United States, Bangladesh, France, […]

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Natural Cockroach Control
News on Life-Hacks

Natural Cockroach Control: Banishing Roaches without Chemicals

Discover an Effective and Eco-Friendly Method to Eliminate Cockroaches at Home Are you tired of battling pesky cockroaches without resorting to harmful insecticides? Look no further! We present a simple yet powerful solution to get rid of these unwanted guests using natural ingredients found right in your kitchen. Step 1: Cut ripe banana peels into […]

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President Putin
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President Putin’s Heartrending Account of His Grandmother’s Final Moments

The Profound Impact of Love and Relationships in Society In a deeply moving revelation, President Putin has shared a poignant story of his grandmother’s tragic death during a time of war. As battles raged and villagers sought refuge in the trenches, a German bullet found its mark, striking Putin’s grandmother in the stomach. With her […]

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Massive Gold Scam Uncovered: 10 Arrested, Including Police Officer, in Nairobi Operation

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Busts High-End Office Converted into Scammer’s Lair, Saving Victim Ksh.1 Billion In a sensational development that has sent shockwaves through Nairobi, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) successfully carried out an operation resulting in the arrest of ten individuals, including a police officer, suspected of running a massive gold scam. […]

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