India’s Geopolitical Ambitions: Unraveling the China Challenge, Global South Dynamics, and African Union’s Role

Examining India’s Intentions, China’s Response, and the Significance of Global South and African Union

In a momentous shift, India has made a profound impact at the G20 summit, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted India’s prominence among the leaders and invitees of the esteemed gathering, which included influential nations like the United States, Bangladesh, France, and Japan. However, China’s standpoint diverges from that of the other participants.


The G20 summit serves as a crucial platform for the world’s 20 largest economies to convene and engage in discussions on pressing global issues. Currently, there are no concrete plans for Prime Minister Modi to hold bilateral talks with China, as India strategically aims to address China’s actions during this occasion.

India’s overarching goal is to secure the inclusion of the African Union in the G20, an objective it has diligently pursued. Encouragingly, member countries of the African Union have now expressed their acceptance of this proposition, clearing the path for its realization.


Upon achieving this significant milestone, India is poised to assume a leadership role in the “Global South,” a region that encompasses Africa, South America, Asia, and Oceania, where major players such as India, China, and Brazil wield substantial influence. Similar to the European Union, the African Union comprises 55 African nations united by the common objectives of fostering unity, development, peace, security, stability, and economic progress across the African continent.


India’s concerted efforts to strengthen its position as a leader in the Global South will greatly enhance its engagement with African nations. While China has also made noteworthy investments in African countries, the underlying motivations differ between the two nations. Both countries are competing to strengthen their relationships with African states, and India’s advocacy for the African Union’s inclusion in the G20 represents a significant stride towards establishing itself as a leader in the Global South.

This accomplishment signifies a crucial victory for India in its competition with China. Through its active participation in the G20 summit, India has effectively projected its foreign policy agenda and bolstered its competitive approach vis-à-vis China. The summit serves as a prominent platform where India confidently articulates its global aspirations, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to shaping geopolitical dynamics and positioning itself as a key player in the evolving global order.

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