According to Christian education what do Christians learn in the nature of man

Explore the fundamental teachings of Christian education on the nature of man, including his purpose, relationships, and responsibility towards creation. Discover how Christians learn about work, human sexuality, respect for life, and the importance of caring for the environment.

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According to Christian education, Christians learn several aspects about the nature of man. Here is a summary of what Christians learn:

Man’s Purpose and Work:

  • Christians learn that they should obey God’s command to subdue and conquer the earth, becoming co-workers in the ongoing development of the community.
  • Work is seen as a continuation of God’s creation activity, keeping individuals away from idle life that may lead to sin.
  • Christians are encouraged to contribute to the scientific discovery of medicine and care for God’s creation, including wild animals and the environment.

Human Sexuality and Relationships:

  • Christians learn that males and females are created by God with distinct roles and equal value.
  • The purpose of men and women is to be fruitful, multiply, and have companionship.
  • Sex within marriage is considered sacred and a sign of love, with both partners having the ability to control their sexual desires.
  • Christian teaching forbids sex before marriage, adultery, and other unnatural sexual behaviors.

Man’s Relationship with Creation and God:

  • Christians understand that man actively participates in God’s creation and that developments in science and technology are ways of participating in God’s creative work.
  • Science and technology have helped humans sustain and improve the environment for the benefit of the human race and the glory of God.
  • Christians recognize that there are mysteries of the universe and creation that only God can answer, turning to Him for those answers.

Dignity and Authority of Human Beings:

  • Christians learn that human beings are created in the image and likeness of God, giving them inherent dignity and worth.
  • Human beings have the authority and dominion over God’s creation.
  • They have the ability to think, reason, make choices, and communicate with God.

Respect for Life and the Environment:

  • Christians are taught that all creation is very good, and they should treat the rest of creation with reverence and respect.
  • Christians are encouraged to appreciate and understand the environment as the creation of God and to conserve and care for it.
  • Human beings and the environment are interdependent, owing their existence to each other.

In summary, according to Christian education, Christians learn about the purpose and work of man, human sexuality and relationships, man’s relationship with creation and God, the dignity and authority of human beings, and the importance of respect for life and the environment.

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