News from ATIKA SCHOOL – KCSE History Topical Questions and Answers for 24 Sep 2022

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Attached are latest updates on History and Government.
ATIKA SCHOOL – KCSE History Topical Questions and Answers
KCSE History Topical Questions and Answers

31 Dec 2023 08:00 PM

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21 Sep 2022 07:55 AM

​​Explain six reasons why industrial revolution began in Britain. (12 mks) Availability of capital to set up factories and expand the industriesAvailability of banking and insurance which supported industrial growthAvailability of variety of raw materials to use in industriesAvailability of best navy who protected their merchantsAvailability of good means of transport and communication.Availability of both skilled and unskilled labor who worked on their industriesAvailability of cot […]
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