Revolutionizing Luxury Travel: Toyota Unveils the Futuristic Century, ‘The Chauffeur of the Future

Toyota Unveils New Century Model: The Chauffeur of the Future

Toyota’s Iconic Century Receives a Modern Makeover, Blending Japanese Elegance, Advanced Technology, and Unprecedented Customization for Discerning Travelers

Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota) has introduced a brand-new Century model and is now accepting orders. The new Century is set to launch in 2023 alongside the existing Century sedan, with the aim of redefining luxury chauffeur-driven vehicles for the modern era.

Toyota Century 2023 model

The Century originally made its debut in 1967 as Toyota’s premium chauffeur-driven car, challenging the dominance of Western luxury brands in the Japanese market. With a commitment to merging traditional Japanese aesthetics with human-centered design principles, the Century quickly established itself as a paragon of dignified luxury, quietness, and comfort.

In recent years, the concept of a luxury chauffeur-driven car has evolved to meet changing customer needs. Passengers increasingly seek to maximize their time on the road by relaxing or conducting business activities. In light of these evolving requirements, Toyota’s development team conceived the idea of introducing a new Century model under the theme of “The Chauffeur.”

Toyota Century 2023 model

The new Century is designed to not only meet but exceed customer expectations while preserving the core values of dignity, quietness, and comfort that have always characterized the Century.

Key Highlights of the New Century:

1. Japanese Aesthetic Elegance: The exterior design incorporates Japanese aesthetic elements, presenting a bold and graceful silhouette that exudes elegance.

2. Human-Centered Interior: The interior of the new Century is engineered with passenger safety and comfort in mind. Fully reclining rear seats with refreshment functions provide an exceptionally relaxing space. The audio system, designed in collaboration with a master of musical instrument manufacturing, offers an unparalleled listening experience.

3. Innovative Powertrain: A newly developed 3.5-liter V6 plug-in hybrid system ensures a powerful and exhilarating drive while maintaining the Century’s signature quietness. The system functions as both a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) for daily use and a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) for long-distance travel.

4. Advanced Handling: The new Century features a four-wheel steering system known as “Dynamic Rear Steering” for easy handling at low speeds and natural handling at higher speeds. A “Rear Comfort” mode enhances the driving experience for passengers in the rear seats.

5. Exceptional Craftsmanship: Toyota’s master craftspeople meticulously finish the exterior, including an exquisitely engraved phoenix emblem. Four set-back lamps for the headlights and taillights convey a sense of dignity.

Toyota Century 2023 model

Customers can fully customize the new Century to meet their individual preferences and needs, delivering the ultimate “freedom in motion.”

Century Meisters, a dedicated team of sales and engineers with extensive knowledge of the Century brand, will be available at select Toyota dealerships. Customers will have the option to personalize body colors and interiors, with the opportunity to create unique, one-of-a-kind Century models crafted by master artisans.

Toyota Century 2023 model

In addition to three body colors offering a mirror-like finish, four exclusive body colors are available in the KIWAMI LINE, catering to customers seeking a distinctive and unique chauffeur-driven car experience.

The introduction of the new Century marks a significant milestone in the legacy of this iconic luxury vehicle, ensuring it continues to set the standard for hospitality and comfort on the road.

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