What do Americans Think About Kenya?

What do Americans Think About Kenya?

In a diverse nation like the United States, perceptions of Kenya vary among individuals. We gathered insights from Americans who have personal experiences or opinions about Kenya, shedding light on the range of views held across the country.

Amy Kirkland, a Doctorate in PT with expertise in Ortho and Geriatrics, expressed her love for Kenya. Having spent time in the country, she praised its people, culture, and food. She even plans to learn Kiswahili for her next trip, considering Kenya a second home.

David De L’orient, a resident of the United States, shared his personal bias views from the Kenyans he has encountered. He described them as extremely polite, easy to talk to, and highly intelligent, with many holding advanced degrees. He also praised Kenya’s reputation as a reputable country known for its stunning nature and safaris.

What do Americans Think About Kenya?

On the other hand, Rob Grier, a Common sense Sr. SuiteScript Developer, acknowledged that some uneducated Americans hold negative stereotypes of Kenya. These individuals envision a backward, violent country with extreme poverty and lack of progress. However, Grier emphasized that these views are based on ignorance and misconceptions perpetuated by limited media coverage.

Frederick Wilson, a former Cowboy with a background in Geography & Geology, had a positive impression of Kenya based on his short visit. He found the country beautiful, the people friendly and welcoming, and the infrastructure comparatively good. He expressed a willingness to return if given the opportunity.

Clarence Sherrick, a Metaphysician, Artist, and Psychic, pointed out that prior to President Barack Obama’s election, many Americans were unaware of Kenya’s existence. He highlighted the limited knowledge among Americans regarding Nairobi as the capital and the significance of the Mau Mau, which are often associated with Kenya in popular media.

It is important to note that these views represent individual opinions and experiences, and they do not reflect the entire population of the United States. The diverse perspectives showcased here highlight the need for open-mindedness and further exploration to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Kenya and its people.

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