What do white people really feel about black people?

Answer By Anonymous from USA:

I can’t speak for all white people, but I can share my own perspective. I grew up in a predominantly white town and my knowledge about black people came from television, school, and conversations with adults. In school, I learned about the problems of racism and how it was wrong. However, my family had a different perspective and felt there was a double standard. They believed that black people were always looking for racism. These mixed messages confused me, but one thing was clear – race was seen as a significant issue.

As I grew older and had more interactions with black people, I became self-conscious about their race. I was afraid of saying or doing something that could be seen as racist. The obsession with race in American society made me hyper-aware of their skin color. I wanted to avoid being racist at all costs.

Now, as an adult, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know people from different backgrounds, including black individuals. Through these experiences, I’ve come to realize that black people are just like anyone else. Their blackness is an important part of their identity, but they are unique individuals with their own perspectives. Not all black people are obsessed with racism. I’ve learned to be myself around people of all races and not fear being seen as racist based on their perceptions.

Answer By Alex Holmes from Russia:

The feelings of white people towards black people can vary depending on their personality and cultural background. In Russia, where I’m from, there is no historical context of slavery, so black people are often seen as exotic and interesting foreigners. When the borders were first opened in the Soviet Union, it was considered cool to meet and date black individuals. While there are racists in Russia, they are more focused on people from post-Soviet republics. Black people are generally viewed as interesting foreigners, although there is anti-American propaganda in Russian media.

In my personal experience, growing up in a part of Moscow with a significant black population, black people were a common part of my everyday life. I saw them as ordinary people. I even had a black classmate whom I considered just another Russian guy with darker skin. I never paid much attention to skin color because it seemed irrelevant to me. I find it hard to understand why people place so much importance on skin color when I see it as no different from other physical characteristics. For me, all lives matter because life itself is valuable, regardless of any other characteristics.


The first answer, provided by an anonymous individual from the USA, reflects their personal experience growing up in a predominantly white environment. They describe receiving mixed messages about race, with school and media promoting anti-racism while their family expressed skepticism and perceived double standards. This led to self-consciousness and fear of being seen as racist when interacting with black people. However, through adulthood and diverse interactions, their perspective evolved to recognize that black people are individuals with varied perspectives, and the obsession with race in society is problematic.

The second answer, provided by Alex Holmes from Russia, offers a perspective from a white person in Russia. They explain that Russia didn’t have a history of slavery, so black people are often seen as exotic and interesting foreigners. They mention that racism in Russia is more directed towards people from post-Soviet republics. Alex shares their personal experience of growing up in an area with a significant black population and viewing them as ordinary people. They express a lack of understanding regarding the obsession with skin color and emphasize that all lives matter.

In summary, the answers highlight the diversity of opinions and experiences among white individuals regarding black people. They demonstrate the influence of upbringing, cultural context, and personal interactions in shaping these perspectives.

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