Max Eberl: Sorry! but our focus is on Arsenal

Max Eberl

Bayern Munich’s director, Max Eberl, has made some strong comments about the team’s upcoming game against Arsenal. Eberl stated, “I don’t give a sh*t about the search for a coach. Now it’s all about the Arsenal game.” These remarks indicate that Eberl is solely focused on the upcoming match and not concerned about any other matters at the moment.

Eberl went on to say, “We’ll face a team that – with all respect to Heidenheim – is a class above them.” This statement suggests that Bayern Munich considers Arsenal to be a stronger opponent compared to their previous opponent, Heidenheim. Eberl’s words imply that the team needs to be fully prepared and give their best performance against Arsenal in order to secure a victory.

Furthermore, Eberl emphasized the importance of turning the tide in their favor. He said, “We have to make a proper turnaround so that we don’t get a slap to the face.” This statement indicates that Bayern Munich is determined to bounce back from any recent setbacks and avoid a disappointing result against Arsenal. Eberl’s words reflect the team’s desire to perform at their best and avoid any potential humiliation.

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