Christian Religious Education Form 1 Notes

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This document is a set of Christian Religious Education notes for Form One, covering topics such as the Bible, creation, sin, and faith.


The document contains a set of Christian Religious Education notes for the first form, first edition.

The table of contents outlines the topics covered in the document. The main sections include:

  1. Introduction to Christian Religious Education
    • Meaning of Christian Religious Education
  2. The Bible
    • What is the Bible?
    • The Bible as a library
    • Human Authors
  3. Major Divisions of the Bible
    • Divisions of the Old Testament
      • Law books
      • Historical Books
      • Poetic books
      • Prophetic books
    • Divisions of the New Testament
      • Biographical Books
      • Historical Books
      • Pauline Epistles
      • General Epistles
      • Prophetic books
  4. Translations of the Bible from Original Languages to Present Local Languages
    • Versions of the Bible used in Kenya Today
    • The effects of the translation of the Bible into African languages
    • Areas/places where the Bible is used in Kenya today
    • Ways in which Christians use the Bible to spread the gospel
    • Reasons why Christians use the Bible in worship
  5. Creation and the Fall of Humankind
    • First Account of creation
    • The meaning of Biblical Accounts of creation
    • Comparison between the two accounts of creation
    • Responsibilities given to human beings at creation
    • Relationship between human beings and the environment from the creation stories
    • Teachings about human beings from the Biblical creation accounts
    • Teachings about marriage from the biblical stories of creation
    • Ways in which Christians continue with God’s work of creation
    • Reasons as to why man is considered the most special creation of God
  6. Traditional African View of Creation
    • Common ideas in Traditional African views of creation
    • Similarities between the traditional African myths and the Biblical accounts of creation
    • Differences between the traditional African myths of origin and the Biblical creation stories/African myths
    • Teachings from the Biblical creation Accounts
  7. The Origin of Sin and Its Consequences
    • Causes of sin
    • The consequences of sin
  8. God’s Plan of Salvation of Mankind
  9. Traditional African Concept of Evil
    • Similarities and differences between traditional African view of evil and biblical concept of sin
    • Ways of dealing with evil doers in traditional African communities
    • Ways in which the church today disciplines errant members
    • How the church helps to bring back members who have fallen from faith
  10. Faith and God’s Promises: Abraham
    • Background to the call of Abraham
    • The call of Abraham (Gen. 12:1-9)
    • Lessons learnt about God from the call of Abraham
    • Lessons Christians learn from the call of Abraham
    • Definition of the term faith in God
    • Importance of Faith in Christian life today
    • Abraham’s acts of faith in God
    • Lessons Christians learn from the incident Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son
    • Ways in which Christians express their faith in God today
    • God’s Promises to Abraham
    • Relevance of the promises to Christians today
    • Elements of covenant
    • God’s covenant with Abraham
    • Importance of the covenant
    • Covenants in modern life
    • Importance of covenants in modern life


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