Chaos at Keroka Market: A Boundary Row Between Kisii and Nyamira Counties

Chaos at Keroka Market: A Boundary Row Between Kisii and Nyamira Counties

The bustling Keroka market, known for its vibrant business activities, was thrown into chaos on a fateful Sunday. The cause? A heated boundary row between Kisii and Nyamira counties had been simmering for quite some time. The dispute, which emerged with the onset of devolution, reached a boiling point as tensions escalated, resulting in clashes and the disruption of the market’s daily operations.

The chaos unfolded when unknown individuals demolished stalls in the market early Sunday morning. This provocative act only added fuel to the fire, exacerbating the already tense situation. Traders, frustrated by the lack of intervention from political leaders in both counties, accused them of turning a blind eye to the escalating row.

In an attempt to restore calm, the police resorted to tear gas canisters, further intensifying the already volatile atmosphere. Armed youth roamed the market, blowing whistles as a symbol of impending conflict. The town was gripped by an air of uncertainty and fear as the community grappled with the repercussions of the boundary dispute.

According to the traders at Keroka market, the chaos experienced on that Sunday was a manifestation of the deep-seated border conflict between Kisii and Nyamira counties. They expressed their frustration at the political leaders’ failure to address the matter effectively. One carpenter, Jared Riang’a, voiced his concerns, highlighting the impact of the dispute on the daily lives of the market’s inhabitants. He lamented the uncertainty surrounding the allocation of space and the implications for their livelihoods, saying, “We are being told to move our beds to one side, but there is no space to accommodate them. Today, we are struggling to pay school fees and provide food for our children. We don’t even know where to begin.”

The boundary dispute between Kisii and Nyamira counties had already caught the attention of the Environment and Land Court in Nyamira. In February, Justice Mugo Kamau delivered a judgment indicating that a significant portion of the Keroka market fell under the jurisdiction of Nyamira county. The court based its decision on reports from a multi-agency team, which confirmed that beacons demarcating the boundary had been erected in various locations. These beacons extended from Masaba North sub-county hospital to Gusii Farmers Union, intersecting with the Kisii-Keroka-Sotik highway and Bw’Ondabu area.

The court’s ruling mandated both counties to abide by the demarcations and implement a revenue collection plan based on the delineated boundaries. However, the Kisii county government expressed its intention to appeal the decision, indicating a potential prolongation of the dispute.

This boundary row has far-reaching implications for the local community. The chaos at Keroka market not only disrupts business activities but also threatens the economic stability of traders who rely on the market for their livelihoods. Furthermore, the uncertainty surrounding the allocation of space and the jurisdictional dispute creates a sense of insecurity and instability among the market’s inhabitants.

Political leaders in Kisii and Nyamira counties need to prioritize a peaceful resolution to the boundary dispute. They must take proactive steps to engage in dialogue, address the concerns of the traders, and find a mutually beneficial solution. Failure to do so will only perpetuate the chaos and hinder the growth and development of the region.

In conclusion, the chaos that erupted at Keroka market due to the boundary dispute between Kisii and Nyamira counties highlights the urgent need for a resolution. The disruption of business activities, the involvement of armed youth, and the lack of intervention from political leaders have created a volatile situation. It is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize peaceful dialogue and seek a mutually beneficial solution that ensures the stability and prosperity of the market and its community.

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