KCSE 2013 Marking Schemes: General Science Paper 1 (237/1)

Dive into the detailed answers from the French Paper 2 exam in KCSE 2013. This review explores the passages, grammar section, and comprehension questions, providing insights into the students’ language skills and understanding of French grammar rules. The passages cover a range of topics, allowing students to demonstrate their comprehension abilities. The grammar section tests their knowledge of verb conjugation, negation, and prepositions. With a variety of question types and topics covered, this review offers a comprehensive overview of the students’ performance in the French Paper 2 exam.

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In the General Science Paper 1 (KCSE 2013), students were tested on their knowledge of biology and chemistry.

The biology section covered topics such as the study of plants, movement of substances across cell membranes, and the functions of various organs and tissues.

The chemistry section focused on topics such as sublimation, reactions, and the properties of elements and compounds. The paper included a variety of questions, ranging from multiple-choice to descriptive.

Overall, the paper provided a comprehensive assessment of students’ understanding of key scientific concepts. It was a challenging yet fair examination that tested students’ knowledge and problem-solving skills in the field of science.

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