KCSE 2013 Marking Schemes: English Paper 3 (101/3)

Dive into the detailed and descriptive answers from the English Paper 3 exam in KCSE 2013. Explore the points of interpretation, compulsory set text, short story, and play, providing a comprehensive review of the exam. This collection showcases the students’ ability to demonstrate their storytelling skills, analysis of themes, and understanding of literary devices. With each answer, the candidates exhibit their command of language and their ability to engage readers. A must-read for English students and teachers alike, this review highlights the depth and creativity of the exam answers.

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The English Paper 3 exam in KCSE 2013 offers a captivating collection of answers that showcase the students’ storytelling abilities and their understanding of literary devices. The points of interpretation section emphasizes the importance of a well-structured story that illustrates timely intervention. Candidates who explore situations where quick action is not taken demonstrate a keen understanding of the prompt.

In the compulsory set text section, the answers analyze “The River Between” with great depth. The resistance to change, the impact of education, and the clash between traditional customs and new ideologies are explored. The students highlight specific pages and incidents to support their arguments, showcasing their analytical skills.

The short story section delves into the theme of superstition and its impact on society. The answers provide insightful interpretations of the text, examining elements such as premonitions, fear, and the influence of imagination. The inclusion of specific pages and events adds credibility to their analysis.

Finally, the play section showcases the students’ understanding of Ruganda’s interweaving narrative. The answers demonstrate the students’ ability to draw connections between the King of Termites story and the main narrative, highlighting the symbolic representation and underlying themes.

Overall, the English Paper 3 answers from KCSE 2013 exhibit a high level of creativity, analysis, and language proficiency. The students’ ability to construct well-structured stories, analyze complex texts, and explore themes in depth is commendable. This collection serves as an excellent resource for English students and teachers, providing valuable insights into effective storytelling and literary analysis.

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