100 Frequently asked Questions by students which are KCSE related model09052023001

100 Frequently asked Questions by students which are KCSE related

  1. Explain 7 role of zakat in national development?
  2. Ways in which agriculture contributes directly to the development of industries
  3. Is gross annual salary same as basic salary
  4. Outline the teaching of prophet Amos in the day of the lord
  5. What are the roles and significance of the title sins of the fathers
  6. Sababu za ufaraguzi
  7. explain the theme of war in ‘ghosts’ by Chimamanda Ngozi
  8. Explain four ways in which features resulting from faulting are of economic importance
  9. Fafanua mitikiso saba inayotishia mahusiano yakijamii ya tamdhilia ya bembea ya maisha
  10. Jinsi methali mgala muue na haki umpe umejitokeza katika bembea ya maisha
  11. Define devolution
  12. Explain what is happening in poem before rain pours
  13. Explain the reaction between rubidium oxide and potassium
  14. are there any questions from trigometric theory that involve the use of a calculator?
  15. Factors affecting kinship ties in tac
  16. state 1 result of agriculture in Egypt?
  17. Which country pioneered agrarian revolution
  18. State significances of the hydrological cycle
  19. State one property of a barometer liquid and explain its effect
  20. How is the Bible is misused
  21. State 6 Deuto-canonical books
  22. Four changes that have taken place in traditional African concept of communities
  23. Bembea ya maisha imesawiri aje hali halisi katika Africa
  24. Explain the relevance of the ten commandments in christian today?
  25. The meaning of “did you not know that I must be in My father’s house” as found in the book of Luke
  26. 3 precaution one should take when assembling a computer
  27. Ways in which Jesus fulfilled the old testament prophesies of the messiah
  28. can you show example of how to find the area of a sphere
  29. 5 economic activities of early man during the stone age period
  30. Give reasons why christians should keep promises
  31. A piece of iron is heated explain what happens to its density
  32. mention the elements of a covenant
  33. Who’s Jesus
  34. Teknologia na naendeleo ni baadhi ya mabadiliko ya lazima katika jamii ya Afrika. Jadili ukweli wa kauli hii kwa kurejelea tamthilia ya bembea ya maisha
  35. what is industrial revolution?
  36. Explain the difficulties Israel faced in observing their religion while in exile
  37. Give 7reasons why christians should ask for forgiveness from God
  38. Teachings from peter’s speech during pentecost
  39. Describe the healing of the gerasene domic
  40. Identify seven promises that G 9d made to ambraham during the making of the covenant.?
  41. What is the discription of the pebbles
  42. Discuss the economic organisation of the Nandi during the pre-colonial period
  43. Reasons for sexual abuse in kenya
  44. Explanation of the factors that led to the decline of the Sahara slave trade
  45. explain 5 roles played by the kenya federation of Labour during the colonial period in kenya
  46. paul teachings on unity of belivers
  47. Highlight 4 characteristics of economic resources
  48. Explain the roles of Jesus in his teachings
  49. Explain ways in which Jesus fulfilled old testament prophecies on the Messiah
  50. explain the responsibility of the living towards ancestors
  51. How do God communicate with Christians today
  52. La!mbegu ipandwayo haina budi kuzaa na izaapo mazao yake huvunwa.fafanua muktadha WA dondoo hili katika bembea ya maisha
  53. sources of monopoly power
  54. Mwandishi wa bembea ya maisha ameipa uzito mbinu rejeshi,eleza
  55. Significant of holly Quran to Muslim
  56. Mention and explain 5 factor that led to the decline of trans-Atlantic slave trade
  57. Explain five ways in which warehousing promotes trade
  58. Deutro-isaiah ‘s prophecy concerning the Messiah Isaiah
  59. Descrbe four areas of conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leaders
  60. State the forms of punishment propheside by elijah to king Ahab and jezebel
  61. Mbundu za laugha 10 katika bembea ya maisha
  62. privilege for a musafir
  63. what is African context to child care?
  64. Can I get leakage for this kcse 2023
  65. Definition of cre
  66. Teknolojia na maendeleo ni baadhi ya mabadhiliko ya lazima katika jamii ya Afrika. Jadili ukweli wa kauli hii kwa kurejelea tamthilia ya Bembea ya Maisha.
  67. changamoto zinazowakabili vijana katika riwaya ya nguu za jadi
  68. I wanted the notes of Tanzu za hadithi
  69. Sifa za wahusika?
  70. Where there is a will ,there is a way support the question using resian
  71. I want to know more about true prophets and false ones from: 1. the Old Testament 2. the New Testament 3. truths that challenges Mohamed, Prophet of Islam. Thank you!
  72. Migogoro katia chozi la heri iliyo fafanuliwa
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