State two disadvantages of using skin lighteners and other home science questions and answers

Home science questions and answers

State two disadvantages of using skin lighteners. (2mks)

  • it irritates the skin – can cause overdependence
  • it bleaches the skin
  • one may develop rashes, spots e.t.c
  • it can damage vital organs e.g. the kidney

Describe Bunions. (1mk)

Are painful swellings that are ugly and form on toe joints which one putson tight shoes

Name any four lingeries. (2mks)

  • Panties
  • Brassieres
  • Vests
  • Petticoats/ships
  • Corsets
  • Briefs

Give one reason why one should avoid extreme heat while drying hair. (1mk)

It removes natural oils from hair hence hair breaks

Describe four instructions on the use of medicine. (4mks)

  • Dosage – The amount to be taken at a give time
  • Frequency – The interval at which to take the drug
  • Storage – How best to keep the medicine
  • Caution – Possible effects of the drug
  • Duration – How long the medicine should be taken

Suggest three ways of eliminating fatigue during cleaning chores. (3mks)

  • Proper organization of work for good flow of work, no crisis – crossing
  • Use of efficient cleaning equipment and material
  • Avoid bending too much
  • Use of labour saving cleaning equipment

State three advantages of traditional house design. (3mks)

  • They are not durable
  • They do not offer adequate ventilation and light
  • They are not easy to clear and maintain
  • They are not adequate for all the needs of the family
  • They do not offer adequate privacy

Differentiate between advancing and receding colours. (2mks)

  • Advancing colours – colours that make a room appear bigger (bright colours)
  • Receding colours – colours that make a room appear smaller (dull colours)

State two disadvantages of using credit cards for buying. (2mks)

  • May lead to impulse buying
  • May lead to overspending
  • The consumer may not follow a prepared monthly budget
  • The card cannot be used to purchase certain goods such as tomatoes from the market

Outline three roles of VCT in safe parenthood. (3mks)

  • Incase the mother is HIV positive, she is given antiretroviral drug to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDs during delivery
  • ART drug is administered to the baby on delivery to stop it from contracting the virus
  • Parents know their status so as to know how to take care of themselves
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